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The SMAC Board and Coaching Staff are focused on how we re-enter operations with the safety of our athletes, our families, and our greater community as our main concern and priority. We have taken that position from the outset of this horrible pandemic, and helped lead the greater USA Swimming member clubs in prioritizing the public health.

If we don’t have a well-considered plan we would be creating an environment that could facilitate or accelerate a future shutdown of operations. This is something that we are looking to avoid, and proper planning now will help us minimize the risk of that occurring. 

We have been busy preparing a practice plan - focused on how we will restart training safely - that we will implement when our pools do open up. Our plans have to work alongside the facilities’ plans, which they are also currently working on creating. The plan for how we open up is complex and will continue to evolve with the pandemic situation and facility availability.

Understanding procedures are put in place for your safety by local governments and the CDC is critical for a successful restart.  All participating members (Swimmers, Coaches & Parents) are expected to adhere to these guidelines.


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General Back to Pool SMAC Guildelines

Pool Maps for 1-4 Swimmers 

COVID-19 Required Waiver - Required for all SMAC activities - Dryland, Open water and Swim

Back to Pool Procedure Video - Newport Hills

Back to Pool Procedure Video - Evergreen


Pool Specific Plans and information - Addional Waivers Must be completed in addition to SMAC waiver

Fife Aquatic Center       Fife Facility Plan       Fife Waiver (Link to online form)

Evergreen  Evergreen Reopen Letter   Evergreen Waiver   Evergreen Exposure Control Plan

Newport Hills - All procedures align with SMAC Guidelines - No additional Waiver

Mercer Island Beach Club - Operating Guidlines - Online Pool Swimmer Release Waiver - Online Covid Release Waiver

Kent Swim and Tennis Club - Covid Release Waiver

Lakeridge Swim and Tennis Club - All procedures align with SMAC Guidelines - No additional Waiver

Normandy Park Swim Club - Covid Release Waiver

Mt. Rainier Pool - Covid Release Waiver

Dryland and Open Water

Dryland and Open water procedures