Group Description:

Catfish introduces children to competitive swimming.  The fundamentals of all four strokes are taught as well as skills that will allow them to function as part of a swim team.  Skills and fun are emphasized.  

Entry requirements:

·       25 yards freestyle with side breathing

·       25 yards backstroke

Swimmers who have passed the following lesson levels are typically ready for Catfish:

·       Tukwila – passed Super Strokes Level

·       Evergreen – passed Intermediate Lessons Level

·       Seattle Public – passed Advanced Swimmer Level (eligible for Summer Swim League)

·       Kent Meridian – passed Youth 4 Level

·       Mt. Rainier – passed Learn-to-Swim Level 4

Group Objectives:

·       Stay on the right side of the lane

·       Come to practice on time with SMAC cap and goggles

·       Give the coach undivided attention during instruction

·       Streamline kick 5 yards from wall

·       Swim 25 yards of legal Breaststroke

·       Swim 25 yards legal Butterfly

·       Perform legal flip turns and open turns

·       Legal dive from side of pool

Practices offered: 3 per week

Lead Coaches by Site:

Practice Schedules