Lost Dutchman 2020 Recap

Julian Morales

Good afternoon,


This past weekend, our team went down to Chandler, Arizona and took part in the 2020 Lost Dutchman Invitational, which was hosted by Rio Solado Swim Club at Chandler High School. The meet started a little slow with a travel day taking us right to the pool upon arrival, but just like the weather, things started to heat up pretty quickly. We had many top 8 finishers, and individual high point winners over the four day meet filled with great experiences and sunshine. The athletes with top 8 finishes go as follows:


Cat Andrews - 3rd in the 50 Back/100 Fly, 5th in the 100 Back, 6th in the 50 fly and 7th in the 100/200 free


Evan Angeline - Winner in the 100 IM and 50/200 BR, 2nd in the 500 FR/200 BK/100 BR, 3rd in the 200 IM, 4th in the 100 BK, 5th in the 200 FR, and 8th in the 50 FR


Ben Bricca - Winner in the 50 Fl, 3rd in the 50 BK, 5th in the 50 FR/100 FL, 6th in the 100 FR and 7th in the 100/200 BK


Jackson Butcher - 4th in the 50 BK, 5th in the 200 FL and 8th in the 500 FR


Tommy Chern - 3rd in the 50 BK, 4th in the 200, 5th in the 100 BK, 6TH in the 200 IM, 7th in 50 FR and 8th in 100 FL/FR


Madeline Fox - 8th in the 200 IM


Paul Gelinas - Winner in the 100 FL, 2nd in the 200 FL, 5th in the 200 IM and 8th in the 500 FR


Ella Haskins - Winner in the 50 BK/FR, 2nd in the 100 BK, 3rd in the 50 FL/200 BK/ 100 FR, 4th in the 200 FR and 6th in the 100 FL


William Ho - 3rd in the 100/500 FR and 200 BK, 4th in the 100 IM and 2 FL/FR, and 5th in the 50/100 FL and 50 FR


Max Li - Winner in the 100/200 BK and 100 BR, 2nd in the 50/100/200 FR and the 200 BR/IM, 3rd in the 100 FLY and 5th in the 500 FR 


Tai Manning - 8th in the 100 BK/200 FR


Josephine Piel - Winner in the 200 BR, 2nd in the 100 BR and 7th in the 500 FR


Max Robbins - 7th in the 50 BR/BK


Emma Schlutt - 4th in the 400 IM


Elise Scott - 3rd in the 200 FL/BR/IM and 5th in the 400 IM


Abbie Snyder - 5th in the 200 FR 


Maggie Straley - 2nd in the mile, 3rd in the 500 FR and 4th in the 200 FR


Maija Tamura - 8th in the 50 fly


Averi Webb - 8th in the 50 BK


Along with some great swims from the group, some of our athletes were recognized for their individual efforts. Max Li and Evan Angeline took 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 11-12 Boys High Point standings. Our very own Ella Haskins was the 15&O Girls High Point Winner, making it two years in a row that a SMAC athlete has won the award. These swims helped the team surge in front of Alto Swim Team from the Bay Area to take 3rd overall in the meet, which was the highest finish from an out of state team at the meet. We as coaches are proud that this group was able to represent SMAC as a team the way they did, on and off the pool deck throughout the entirety of the trip. 






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