Thank you for your interest in Cascade Swim Club, we look forward to seeing you at the pool!

Registration Guide and Fee Schedule

Online Registration Link for 2020-2021


All NEW SWIMMERS must tryout BEFORE registering.  No appointment is necessary to have our coaches evaluate your swimmer.  Just come to the beginning of any practice and let a coach know you are there to be evaluated.  The coach will have your swimmer swim several laps and demonstrate every stroke.  After trying out, the coach will let you know what training group to sign up for when registering.


Cascade swimmers who wish to return after a perioid of inactivity should contact Nancy Davidson about group availability before registering.  Returning swimmers will typically start back in the same group they were previous assigned to.  Swimmers wanting to return to any Senior or Performance group will need to first contact the head coach for approval. 


Current or former USA Swimming athlete members who wish to join Cascade should contact the head coach before registering and be sure to provide swimmer name, age and current or previous USA Swimming club.  


Swimmers who wish to join or return to any Senior-level group must first contact the head coach to get approval.

Swimmers are NOT allowed to start practice until their registration has been approved.

If you have any questions about registration or joining Cascade, contact Nancy Davidson at:  [email protected].