Announcer – Announces first, second and final calls for each event, working closely with the starter to keep the meet running smoothly.  Additional announcements may also need to be made throughout the event however content will be provided.  Some training (from an experienced announcer) is recommended for this role as the you will need to learn to anticipate flow based on the number of swimmers, the stroke, the number of lengths to be swum, and the age of the swimmers. A strong voice a plus as you can imagine what it is like to keep 300 kids and their parents in line.

Clerk of Course Lead – The Clerk of Course facilitates all deck entries (including collecting any fees) and notifies the Administrative Official prior to event deadlines . The Clerk of Course will also help facilitate positive check-ins, swimmer scratches, and award distribution, including the fun task of sticking result labels on ribbons and bagging up for team coaches.

Clerk of Course Helper – Assists Clerk of Course Lead.

Note: To be a Clerk of Course Lead you should really complete a couple of sessions as a helper first.  Neither role is difficult however for the first hour of a meet, it can be busy.  An instructional guide is available at the meet and the Administrative Official is always available for support.  Don't be afraid to work your way into becoming an experienced Clerk of get to sit down the entire time and are very close to the coffee and snacks.

Colorado Timing Equipment Operator – The best seat in the house!  The Colorado Timing system is an automatic timing system we use at many of our meets, linking the starting buzzer with the touch pads in the pool, and providing the most accurate timing for a race.  You will sit next to the Lead Operator and are jointly responsible for ensuring the system is operating correctly and accurate times are being recorded.  No training is required to be the operator - you will receive on the job instructions from the Lead.

Computer Assistant - Administrative Official – Another great job for sitting down, drinking coffee and eating well.  You will assist the Administrative Official compiling meet results, checking/correcting discrepancies with lane time sheets, and inputting DQs.  You will also generate labels for ribbons and posts meet results in the pool lobby.  Training is provided but you will want to have basic computer skills and attention to detail.

Concessions: There are multiple roles related to the sale of concessions in the lobby ranging from setting up and taking down the area, purchasing (you'll be reimbursed) food/drinks the day before the meet, selling throughout the day and cooking food on the grill.  None require any real experience and all are inside except the grill.

Event Stager (8 & Under) – We want to make sure our youngest swimmers make their event on time and line up in the correct lane.  Some of the more experienced 8 and Under kids will be fine but many, especially in early season meets, will need some help.  You will work in a team of 4, making sure swimmers are ready 3-4 heats in advance and will escort them to the starting area. No experience necessary but it could be argued some patience is required.

Heat Winner Awards - After each heat you will give a small gift (usually a bead necklace) to the winner.  No experience necessary but be prepared to see a lot of smiles.

Hospitality Provider:  At all our home meets we provide meals for the officials and drinks/snacks for volunteers.  The Hospitality manager provides a list of all food and drink required and volunteers can sign up to bring 1-2 items.  You are not reimbursed for cost to purchase/make the items and are assigned volunteer "hours" based on the cost/effort required. For instance, a 12 pack of diet coke is worth less "hours" than a home made egg and bacon casserole.

Hospitality Manager - For our bigger meets, we need 1-2 people to manage the entire hospitality service.  The role requires setting the menu, identifying what food and drink is needed and running the kitchen for the duration of the meet.  This is a role where you would complete all required volunteer hours over a single weekend.

Hospitality Runner - An easy role involving drinking coffee, eating snacks and taking food drink to officials/volunteers.

Meet Marshall - A great role for moving around the pool deck, talking to parents, kids and officials and of course watching your swimmers compete.  You are responsible for ensuring spectators/parents remain outside the competition area, safe practices are followed on deck, and cell phones/cameras are not used behind blocks or locker rooms.  For most meets we will have at least two Meet Marshall positions as it can get busy during session transitions.

Meet Setup:  Setting up the pool for a swim meet primarily involves getting tables and chairs in place and setting up crown control ropes and tape. No training is necessary, a thorough checklist is provided an while some lifting is required, there will be 2-3 people to help.  The Meet Director will coordinate this work so help is always nearby. Generally this work is split between the Friday night and early Saturday morning. On Friday night the Helene Madison pool is open for public swim so bring your kids and watch them jump off the high dive. This is a good role if you can't make it to the meet itself.

Meet Cleanup: The reverse of pool setup, beginning 30 minutes or so before the end of the meet.  No training is necessary.  Another good role if you can't make it to the meet itself.

Tee Shirt Sales - An easy role located in the lobby selling Cascade tee-shirts and other swag to swimmers and parents.  No experience required.

Timer - Timers are an integral part of the swim meet with each lane having 3. Two of the timers will use stop watches and a timing plunger (if touch pads are used). The third timer will use a stopwatch and also record each swimmer's time on a clipboard.  Timing is a great way to meet fellow parents as often plenty of time to chat during the longer races.  A word of warning - you should come prepared to get a little wet!  

Head Timer – At the start of each event, the head timer starts two stopwatches as backup in case a lane timer does not start their own stopwatch on time.  The lane timer will signal to the head timer they need one of the backup watches.  

Note: For both the Timer and Head Timer roles, no formal training is required. The Administrative Official will conduct a short 10 minute overview training prior to the start of a session - this is all you will need.

Time Sheet Runner - A key role for any swim meet but zero experience required.  You will collect time sheets from all lanes, a printout from the timing system operator and any DQ slips from the meet referee, bringing them to the Administrative Official.  If you are looking to get your steps in, this is your role!

Timing System Setup and Takedown - At meets where we use the electronic touch pads, multiple people are required to either setup or take down the system.  No training is required - an experienced lead is on hand to manage.  This is a great role if you can't make the meet itself but could commit to a Friday or Sunday evening.

Welcome Table - There are always a lot of new kids and families at our meets.  Running the Welcome Table involves answering questions and welcoming new families and visitors to Cascade, directing parents, and helping swimmers/parents with heat sheets and marking arms with events as needed.  If you are new to Cascade and swim meets, you probably want to be on the opposite side of the table - this role better suits experienced swim parents who have attended multiple swim meets.