Coaching Staff
Garrett McCaffrey Head Coach

Garrett McCaffrey has over a decade of coaching experience, including 7 years as the Head Coach at Phoenix Swim Club. Garrett and his wife both grew up swimming in the Seattle area and last summer their family was able to move back home. He comes to Cascade after a year coaching at Seattle U.  

So far in his career, Garrett’s been named to the USA Swimming National Team Coaching staff two times. He led PSC to two Mens Team Senior Sectional Titles, two AZ Senior State Team Championships, and six medals through USA Swimming’s Club Excellence program. But his true success, and passion, comes from the confidence and compassion of the swimmers he works with. With his person first approach to the job, Garrett strives to meet athletes where they are at, which allows him to connect with swimmers of a wide range of backgrounds and abilities.

Garrett swam for two years at the University of Washington as well as two years at the University of Missouri, where he earned a broadcast journalism degree. He got his crash course in coaching producing interviews and workout videos with some the best coaches and athletes in the sport. His time as a swimming journalist took him to the Olympics in Beijing, China, the World Championships in Rome, Italy, and lead to him being one of the founders, and owners, of SwimSwam.

Tsuki Kaneko-Hall Head Age Group Coach
Corey Coon-Cassily Senior Coach

Coach Corey comes to Cascade with over 20 years of coaching experience. Corey grew up in Montreal, Canada participating in swimming, hockey and football. As a coach, Coach Corey’s philosophy is based on preparing swimmers for all strokes and distances.  Coach Corey’s swimmers have excelled at all levels, from learn-to-swim all the way to Olympic Trials qualifiers. Swimmers of Corey’s have qualified for Junior Nationals and above in every stroke and distance, although butterfly remains his favorite. He has had swimmers go on to swim at the Division 1, 2 & 3 levels, with many qualifying for championship finals.  Outside of the pool, Coach Corey loves mountains and travel. While coaching in Alaska, Corey got rid of his car and biked for two years.  Coach Corey has hiked numerous national parks and has been to every state and province on his many travels.  

Pete Colella Lead Site Coach, Yost

Coach Pete and his distinguished competitive swimming family have been involved with Cascade for many decades and over multiple generations.  The Colella family has a long tradition of swimming success throughout the Seattle area and the swimming world, Coach Pete is the younger brother to Cascade legends and Olympians Rick and Lynn.  As a swimmer, Coach Pete specialized in breaststroke, leading Cascade to notable finishes at Junior Nationals and US Nationals.  Coach Pete reached national Top 16 multiple times, setting several team records before taking his talents to the University of Washington where he was a conference champ and All American.  Coach Pete has coached many years  for Cascade, masters and summer clubs. Coach Pete was the 2018 PNA Coach of the Year Award.  Coach Pete has a passion for helping swimmers to improve and get faster.  A true student of the sport, Coach Pete is always learning and sharing with his swimmers new training ideas, techniques and drills.

Ron Portelance Lead Site Coach, Queen Anne/Ballard
Mark Nichols Lead Site Coach, Rainier Beach

Coach Mark has been coaching with Cascade since 2007. He was a competitive swimmer from kindergarten to college. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Western Kentucky University in English and a Master's Degree from Seattle Pacific University in Education. For over 10 years, Mark has coached Franklin High School girls and boys swim teams as well as the City of Seattle's Summer Swim League programs at the Rainier Beach and Medgar Evers pools.

Shawn Fukumoto Assistant Coach, All Sites
Katie Davidson Assistant Coach, All Sites
Katy Clark Assistant Coach, All Sites
Max Perry Assistant Coach, All Sites
Lee Graber Assistant Coach, Queen Anne
Emma Song Assistant Coach, All Sites
Mary Lippold Assistant Coach, All Sites
Paul Bryant Assistant Coach, Queen Anne Pool
Fox Colberg Assistant Coach, Yost pool
Clara Pettiross [email protected]
Zoe Song Assistant Coach, Ballard pool
Maxwell White Assistant Coach, Queen Anne Pool
Lucy Kao Assistant Coach, Queen Anne Pool
Ian Conery Assistant Coach, Yost pool
Rebecca Coates [email protected]

Becca is a member of the Cascade Senior team and has been on the team since 2016.  She is a Junior coach at Yost pool and is excited about coaching young Cascade swimmers!