Cascade Swim Club relies on a strong support system of parent volunteers to help run all our meets, events and team activities.  Volunteers are the life-blood of USA Swimming and the backbone of our sport.  Your role as a volunteer is vital to the team and will have a great impact on your child's athletic environment.

All Cascade families are required to volunteer over the course of the year at swim meets and other various team activities.

All successful swim programs require a significant commitment on the part of both the swimmers and their families. With that in mind, the objectives of this policy are to:

  • Foster parent involvement in the Cascade community;
  • Distribute the work among all families;
  • Ensure several late-season and hard to staff meets are staffed; and
  • Prevent increased training costs as a result of hiring paid staff for meets.


All families are required to volunteer regardless of their child's ability or group level. The number of hours required varies by training group. The requirement for families with multiple swimmers is determined by the highest-level training group in that family.  Family members age 14 and above can fulfill workshare hours with Meet Director approval.

The minimum work share hours by training group is as follows:

Training Group

Work Share Commitment

National/SR Performance/Senior

20 hours

Junior Performance/Junior/Navy

20 hours

Red/Rainier Beach

5 hours

Intro/Blue Ribbon

0 hours

*Although not required for Intro and Blue Ribbon swimmers, volunteering is highly encouraged as it provides a great way to meet other families and to become a deeper part of our swimming community.

Failure to Fulfill Requirements

Hours not worked at the end of each season will be billed at a rate of $30/hour.

Families needing accommodations should notify the Work Share Coordinator (WSC) – exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis for extenuating circumstances.  

Fall Registrations will not be accepted for families who fail to fulfill workshare requirements from the previous year and who fail to pay for unworked hours from the previous year until such payment is made.

If a family joins mid-season or leaves the club before the end of a season, hours will be pro-rated as appropriate


  • We are a TEAM! Each family is encouraged to volunteer at every Cascade-hosted meet in which their child participates even if you have completed your work-share requirements.  
  • Families of Performance groups and all Senior groups are expected to volunteer at the Senior Open. 
  • In addition to regular season meets, each family who has a child qualify for a championship meet is expected to, and will likely be required to volunteer at that meet, even if they have completed their work-share requirements.
  • Hours cannot be banked or carried over from one year to the next.
  • Member hours cannot be donated from one account to another.
  • Matching funds from employers cannot be used to fulfill work share hours.
  • All hours must be accrued during Cascade sponsored events; this may include committees, banquets, meets or Cascade approved jobs in which Cascade has volunteer obligations.
  • Any hours worked as an official or meet director at any meet on the regular Cascade schedule may be submitted and will be credited with work share credit.

Hours Tracking

It is the responsibility of each family to ensure that their hours worked are reported to the WSC and appropriately documented. Hours worked at Cascade-sponsored swim meets can be documented on the hours tracking form kept at Clerk of Course. Hours worked outside of meets can be sent on a monthly basis to the WSC. All hours should be documented even if the family has completed their annual work-share requirement. Hours will be posted to each family’s account once a month.


  1. Sign in to your Cascade account on the Cascade website
  2. On the left hand menu click on MY ACCOUNT then
  4. Choose the SERVICE HOURS TAB
  5. Look for your jobs and hours listed under WORKED- scroll to the right to see your BALANCE


Hours Worked Outside Of A Meet
Send an email to Janet at [email protected]  In the subject line write: "work share hours."  List your total hours by date with a brief description, such as "10/3 sold shirts @ picnic 2.5 hrs."  The Work Share Coordinator (WSC) will log the hours to your account and follow-up with an email to confirm that they have been received.  Make sure to include the parent name as well as the swimmer’s name. 
Hours Worked At A Cascade Hosted Meet
When you sign up for a job using the online Job Signup, it will generate a list that we will have at the meet for you to sign in/out at the Clerk of Course.  When you arrive at the meet, you will need to SIGN-IN at the work share table and you will receive a volunteer badge.  When you are finished working you will need to return to the table in order to SIGN-OUT by filling in your total hours worked and returning your badge.  This is how we will confirm that you worked your hours so please make sure that you sign in and out each time you work a session at a meet.  For credit of Hospitality and Concessions donations, a list confirming that the items were received will be kept by the hospitality crew at the meet so make sure they are aware when you bring in your donation.
Hours Worked At A Meet That Cascade Has An Obligation
For championship meets, such as PNS Champs/Sectional and some away meets, we may be required to provide volunteers. In most cases, we will create an online signup fo these jobs.  However, it is good idea to also email the WSC your hours as well after working the meet. 

Hours Worked At A Meet NOT Hosted By Cascade
Other than stated above, hours worked do NOT count towards your Cascade work share requirement unless you are working as an Official at a meet that Cascade has swimmers participating.

Work share hours from meets will be updated as soon as possible and typically are in the system a week or two after each meet. 
Please feel free to contact Janet Shin ([email protected]or Nancy ([email protected]if you have questions about your work share hours. 
We are thankful and appreciative of the support of our incredible Cascade families!