When logged in, members are able to view their account to see their current balance.  Training fees are billed to accounts on the 1st of each month.  Payment for monthly training fees is due by the 25th of that month.  A $10.00 late fee will be assessed on accounts that have not paid their balance in full by the 25th.  An email notification is sent out when training fees have been billed to accounts.

All other fees and charges, like family membership fees, meet entries and team cap purchases, are charged to your account as billed and these charges will show up on your monthly invoice.

All fees are non-refundable. A $25.00 return check fee will be assessed for all return payments.

If using a credit card for account payment, a 30 days written notice is required for membership changes.  Any and all fees on accounts are considered due upon termination.

Please contact Nancy Davidson for any changes to your account (for ex. a leave of absence or if you decide to stop swimming with the team).  Monthly fees are not prorated unless an emergency exception is approved by the executive director/head coach. 

If mailing a check, payments should be made out to Cascade Swim Club and sent to Nancy Davidson at 20127 183rd Place NE, Woodinville, WA  98077.  You may also make payments by credit card (2.95% fee for this) or automatic withdrawal.


Scholarships are available for swimmers who are eligible for the free/reduced lunch program at school.  Swimmers eligible for this program don’t have to pay any annual fees and pay only half of the training fees per month. Meet entry fees for scholarship swimmers are also covered for five meets. 

For any questions about scholarship opportunities and to apply for a reduced fee scholarship, applicants need to send a copy of the free/reduced lunch eligibility form to Nancy Davidson.


Parents are not allowed on the pool deck during practice so swimmers may focus on their work with their coach.  Parents are not allowed to signal swimmers from observable areas during practice.

Be consistent with your attendance. If you need to miss, please let your coach know before practice.  See groups information for attendance expectations.  The best thing you can do to improve is to never miss.

Be on time.  If you must be late or need to leave early, make these arrangements with your coach before practice.

Be prepared.  At each practice, swimmers should have their suit, cap, goggles and their gear bag with all of their training equipment.  Good idea to pack extra suits and goggles in your swim bag.

Practice is a time for personal and team improvement.  Swimmers may be removed from practice and suspended from the team for actions that disrupt or interfere with our practice time.

Pool rules and policies must be observed at all times.  Any person(s) not observing the pool rules and policies nor respecting the rights of the other users will be dealt with as described above.

Direct practice questions or concerns to your coach.  All our coaches are best reached by email.


Colleen Anderson Madison [email protected]
Tara Hoffman Ballard & Queen Anne [email protected]
Cha Williams  Rainier Beach [email protected]
Kara Mitchell  Yost [email protected]
Wendy Hoff Yost - SR, JP [email protected]
Heather Falkin Yost - SR [email protected]
Andrea Driano Yost - JP [email protected]
Zhihong Xu Yost - JR, Navy, Red, Intro [email protected]


Cascade Bylaws (Nov 2019)

Cascade Conflict of Interest Policy

Cascade Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy

Cascade Team and Local Travel Policy

Cascade Anti-Bullying Policy

Cascade Work Share Policy

Cascade Image Release Photo Policy

Concussion Information


Cascade Athlete Code of Conduct

Cascade Coach Code of Conduct

Cascade Leadership Code of Conduct

Cascade Parent Guardian Code of Conduct

USA Swimming Code of Conduct