A) 18600 Woodinville Snohomish Rd NE, Woodinville, WA 98072-3577 US

  1. Start out going NORTH on WOODINVILLE SNOHOMISH RD NE toward NE 190th ST.  (go 0.45 miles)
  2. Turn LEFT onto NE 195th St.  (go 0.11 miles)
  3. Merge onto WA-522 W via the ramp on the LEFT toward BOTHELL/SEATTLE  (go 1.32 miles)
  4. Merge onto I-405 S toward BELLEVUE  (go 8.83 miles)
  5. Merge onto WA-520 W via EXIT 14 toward SEATTLE (Portions toll).  (go 6.96 miles)
  6. Take the I-5 S EXIT on the LEFT toward PORTLAND  (go 0.09 miles)
  7. Merge onto I-5 S.  (go 2.45 miles)
  8. Take EXIT 165A toward JAMES ST.  (go 0.37 miles)
  9. Merge onto 6TH AVE.  (go 0.01 miles)
  10. Take the 1st RIGHT onto COLUMBIA ST.  (go 0.18 miles)
  11. Turn RIGHT onto 3RD AVE.  (go 0.12 miles)
  12. Turn LEFT onto MADISON ST.  (go 0.24 miles)
  13. Turn LEFT onto ALASKAN WAY/WA-519.  (go 0.17 miles)
  14. Take the 2nd RIGHT onto FERRY RD.  (go 0.01 miles)
  15. Turn slight RIGHT to stay on FERRY RD.  (go 0.14 miles)
  16. Take the SEATTLE - BAINBRIDGE Island Ferry (Check schedule/fares).  (go 8.26 miles)
  17. Go NORTH on OLYMPIC Dr SE/WA-305. Continue to follow WA-305.  (go 1.01 miles)
  18. Turn LEFT onto HIGH SCHOOL RD NE.  (go 0.25 miles)
  19. Enter next roundabout and take the 1st exit onto MADISON AVE N.  (go 0.36 miles)
  20. 8521 MADISON AVE N is on the LEFT.  (go 0 miles)

B) Bainbridge Aquatic Center, 8521 Madison Ave N, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

>> TOTAL ESTIMATED TIME: 1 hour 12 minutes | DISTANCE: 31.32 miles