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IST has looked ahead at our calendar and planned several meets for the upcoming season. PNS, Western Zone Swimming, and USA Swimming have events planned only through early 2022. The calendar below is a good look at October-January. The IST hosted meets following January are listed, but there will be several more competitions added as information becomes available and events are planned by the governing bodies. Please refer to the 2020-21 Meet Calendar below for a better idea of planned meets in a typical season.
October 2021
9th-10th IST Sockeye Fall Open Snohomish Surge, Sockeye & Senior
16th-17th OR                 23rd-24th October Challenge TBD Surge, Sockeye & Senior
November 2021
7th Chinook Pentathlon Mary Wayte Surge, Sockeye (Excluding Gold), Senior 1-2
14th IST Fall Intrasquad Meet TBD Steelhead, Surge, Sockeye
14th IST Fall Distance Meet TBD Gold, Senior 3-5
December 2021
2nd-5th Husky Invite KCAC Senior Qualifiers
8th-11th SPEEDO Winter JR Nationals TBD All Qualifiers
10th-12th PN 14&U SC Championships KCAC All Qualifiers (Including Relay-Only Swimmers)
16th-19th WA State SR Championships KCAC All Qualifiers (Including Relay-Only Swimmers)
January 2022
8th-9th Pacific Coast All Stars TBD 11-14 PNS Team Selection
13th-16th WA Open KCAC Senior Qualifiers
February 2022
6th OR 13th IST Spring Time Trial TBD Steelhead, Surge, Sockeye (Dequalifing Times)
6th OR 13th IST Spring Distance Meet TBD Gold, Senior 1-4
March 2022
5th-6th March Madness Mary Wayte Surge, Sockeye & Senior
12th-13th IST March Championships Snohomish All Qualifiers
May 2022
13th-15th IST Sockeye Spring Open KCAC All Qualifiers
June 2022
3rd-5th Apple Capital Wenatchee Pool Surge, Sockeye & Senior
25th-26th IST June Intrasquad Meet Snohomish Surge, Sockeye & Senior
July 2022
16th-17th IST July SC Championships Snohomish All Qualifiers
  Swimmers should attend all meets listed for their training group
  Qualifying time standards can be found online under Swimmers → Time Standards or in the meet announcement
  Plan on registering early for meets, as some deadlines are significantly earlier than others
  All meet registrations close a MINIMUM of three week prior to the event start date
  BOLD meets are IST Hosted events    
  *List is not comprehensive and subject to change  


2020-21 Meet Calendar