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Every parent wants their kid to grow up and do something incredible, like win the Olympics 23 times. But there is only one Michael Phelps. Of course, raising your kid to be an athlete can be a hardship for many. And supporting Phelps through his mind-blowing career must have been a challenge of its own, right? Read More.....

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Try This Pre-Race Ritual to Stay Calm and Confident for Big Swims by Dr. Alan Goldberg THE PROBLEM: One key mental understanding you need to grasp if you'd consistently like to swim your best when it counts the most is the fact that “races are always won or lost before the start!” That is, what you focus on the time leading up to your swims, including your warm-up and time behind the blocks will either make or break your race. READ ARTICLE

Troy Buglio

As a mental performance coach, this time of the year is always my favorite time of the year. Swimmers and swim teams, from the age group level all the way through the NCAA, are getting prepared for their upcoming championship meets where they’re desperately hoping that months and months of training, hard work, and dedication will pay off and yield results. Helping swimmers get mentally prepared for such an occasion is what I love doing most, and it’s what I want to help you with today. READ MORE.....

Troy Buglio

A number of years ago, at the beginning of her senior year in college, a swimmer contacted me with the following problem: She hadn't gone a lifetime best time since she was a senior in high school. Do the math, folks — she hadn't gone fast in almost four years! To make matters even more frustrating for her, she was physically stronger than she had ever been in high school and it showed in her college practice times where she'd consistently go faster than when she raced. Here's a guiding...

Troy Buglio

Congratulations Kieran! “I’m excited to announce my verbal commitment to swim and study at the University of Denver. I want to thank my coaches, family, and friends for all of their support. I want to thank John Walker especially for getting me to this point. Go Pios!” -Kieran Watson

Troy Buglio

From the Swimming World website... By Proteeti Sinha Researchers have found that swimming promotes both physical and mental well-being; this isn’t news to anyone who regularly frequents the pool deck. But there are additional benefits that you may not be aware of that extend beyond the obvious. The increased blood flow strengthens the heart, increases aerobic capacity and makes our muscles stronger and more efficient. The sport of swimming itself teaches us lessons that extend far beyond the pool: teamwork, dedication, and will power to name a few. Through the...

OCA Senior Team alum Haley Anderson walked on Washington State Universtiy's team as a Freshman and was profiled this week in the school newspaper (The Daily Evergreen) as she enters her final year. Haley enters her senior year as a scholarship athlete and team captain of the Pac 12 swimming program. See the article linked here... HALEY ANDERSON

Congratulations to our athlete, Sabrina Kwan, for being selected as a USA Swimming Scholastic All-American! This great program recognizes those athletes from across the country who not only reach a high level of success in the pool, but also in the classroom. Sabrina also received the honor of being one of the few athletes to receive this award with a 4.0 GPA. Great job Sabrina! For more information on the Scholastic All-American program click here

CHRIS ROSENBLOOM, PHD, RDN, CSSD A young swimmer asked if there were any nutritional strategies that prevented muscle cramps. If you have experienced the pain of an exercise-induced muscle cramp, you might just try anything to avoid another cramp. Sucking on mustard packets from the local fast food joint to swallowing pickle juice have all been reported to be miracle cures for cramping. One report found that 25% of athletic trainers suggest pickle juice for immediate relief. Muscle cramps have plagued not only athletes, but those who do hard, physical...

Congratulations to Melanie Bantle for being chosen for an automatic spot on the Age Group Western Zone Team representing Pacific Northwest Swimming. We wish her the best of luck in her Championship Meet which will be held at KCAC August 5-9th. Way to go Melanie!