Go for a Swim for These 6 Mental Health Benefits

Troy Buglio

From the Swimming World website...

By Proteeti Sinha

Researchers have found that swimming promotes both physical and mental well-being; this isn’t news to anyone who regularly frequents the pool deck. But there are additional benefits that you may not be aware of that extend beyond the obvious. The increased blood flow strengthens the heart, increases aerobic capacity and makes our muscles stronger and more efficient. The sport of swimming itself teaches us lessons that extend far beyond the pool: teamwork, dedication, and will power to name a few. Through the sport, we find friends who will always have our backs and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Swimming regularly has a deeply positive impact on our mental health as well. It can act as an effective medicine for treating anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. The direct effect that swimming has on our brain leads to several mental health benefits, a few of which are explained below. You just might learn something new!