Summer champs season is approaching quickly!  With our new Arena sponsor, swimmers receive various discounts on tech suits based on the champs meet he/she qualifies for.

Competition Level discounts:

• AGE GROUP CHAMPS--25% off Carbon Racing / 20% off Powerskin ST 2.0 & Revo-One

• SECTIONALS/ZONES--35% off all arena racing plus value in kind merchandise

• FUTURES--40% off all arena racing plus value in kind merchandise

• US NATIONALS/JR NATIONALS--Free arena racing suit plus value in kind merchandise

It is quite difficult for the coaches to verify and check every race for all swimmers.  In order to save them time, if your swimmer has swam a qualifiying time for a meet, please enter it on  this spreadsheet and Coach Troy will verify.  Once it is verified, we will send our Swim Outlet rep a list of qualifiers so she can grant the appropriate discount.  A swimmer only needs to enter ONE qualifiying race/swim/event for a given meet.  Please do not enter multiple qualifiying times.

To order a tech suit with one of the above discounts, please email Lea Fanelli at [email protected] with the name of the suit, color, and size.


-Swimmers are only eligibal to receive discounts or free suits up to twice a year.

-Swimmers must also plan to attened the meet they are requesting discounts or VIK for.

Suit discount spreadsheet