2022-2023 OCA Policy and Fee Structure

OCA is a year-round membership organization.  Annual training fees are based on 11 monthly payments. There will be no charges in August. OCA’s fee structure is very competitive and among the most flexible in the region. 

2022-2023 OCA Training Fees:  OCA is traditionally an 11-month billing cycle. There is no billing in August 2023.

Monthly Training Fees

Novice 1 $150 

Novice 2 $185

Junior 1 Red $220

Junior 1 Black $240

Junior 2 $275

Senior 1 $320

Senior 2 $350

Senior 2 Dryland billed by the month

Multi-swimmer discounts do apply.  

Swimmer 1 pays 100%
Swimmer 2 has a 10% discount
Swimmer 3 has a 20% discount
Swimmer 4 has a 30% discount.

If a family has more than 4 swimmers enrolled at OCA, the dues for the 5th swimmer and beyond will be waived.   The highest training rate is automatically applied to swimmer one, the second highest training rate applied to swimmer two, and descending accordingly.  This discount will apply only to accounts whose swimmers are of immediate relation or legal custody.

Financial aid resources are also available from the OCA Foundation (please contact [email protected] for more information).

Annual registration fee:  The Annual OCA Registration Fee is $200 per swimmer, with a $400 family maximum.  This is the only fee that will be charged during this registration process, however, if you are a returning member and have an outstanding invoice balance that will be charged to bring your account current. The registration fee for a swimmer who joins the team after April 1, 2023, will be $150 Any swimmer who transfers from another USA Swimming team will need to fill out a PNS transfer form and give it to their coach. 

Annual Booster/Fundraising Fee: In lieu of fundraising activities/events the OCA Foundation instituted an annual per family fee to support its numerous activities to enhance the experience of our athletes.  This fee is not included in team registration and annual fee will be charged to each family account on the month following team registration.  The Booster fee will be reduced by 50% for swimmers joining the team after March 1, 2022.

This annual fee is $75 per family for Novice 1&2, $125 for Junior 1&2 and $225 for Senior 1&2 practice groups (based on family swimmer with highest practice group).  This fee will not be increased due to a practice group change during the year.  

Electronic payments:  OCA accepts only electronic payments (credit card or ACH transfer) through the team website.  If for some reason payment of dues and fees are not made electronically there will be a $25 per month fee associated with manual payments. Any payment not made by the 15th of the month will also be assessed a $25 late fee. OCA requires that the account holder be the one responsible for the monthly payments on the account. In the case of separate households there can only be one account holder. The secondary account can still receive emails and notifications from the team.  

Canceling membership: If you wish to cancel your membership, a written notice must be received by the 15th day of the month prior to withdrawal to the team administrator through the contact us link on the website (www.ocaswim.com) If written notification is not received by the 15th, you are responsible for the training fees for the following month.

Placing Membership on hold:  Membership can be placed on hold upon approval from the OCA administrator due to prolonged illness or injury that causes a break from training. This is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and is not allowed to take a break for another activity outside of OCA. If a swimmer chooses to take a break that is not approved by OCA administrator there will be a $300 reinstatement fee.

If you have questions about these policies, please contact the team administrator.