Rainier Foothills Swim Team

Swimming - The Sport of Choice!

People of all ages remember three things about their swimming experience: Fun, Friends and Excellence.  Swimming is one of the country’s largest and most organized youth sports.  Swimmers and their parents can participate in our programs as a family.


Participation is central to RFST.  At swim meets, every child swims - there are no benchwarmers in RFST’s lineup.  Every swimmer contributes to the success of the team and enjoys the team experience with friends.  In short - they have FUN!

With the fun comes the self-discipline that every child needs to achieve excellence.  


Excellence comes out in more places than athletic performance; however, it shows up as personal achievement in the classroom, in other activities and at the pool.  It shows up as self-confidence in every situation and it shows up as personal pride.



RFST’s focus is to promote competitive and fitness swimming; however a competitive swimming background is not necessary to join our team.  Swimming is the activity of choice.  We do not expect participation to the exclusion of other normal childhood experiences.  We recognize the value of participation in other activities to benefit each child’s overall balance and well being.


Experiencing personal success is one of RFST’s primary goals.  With the assistance of our coaches and the encouragement of parents/guardians and teammates, each swimmer will set goals relative to his/her desires and abilities.  All participants and their goals are considered of equal importance.  We believe that striving toward and reaching these goals promotes self-discipline and self-confidence and that young people who feel a degree of self-worth are emotionally healthier and more likely to have a positive effect on others.


Interacting with others in a team setting, whether by cooperating with coaches and teammates during practices or by pursuing team goals at swim meets, allows our swimmers to experience social success as well.  Interacting positively with swimmers from other teams is also vital.  We encourage our swimmers to share respectfully in their competitors' achievements as well as their own.


RFST utilizes a developmental approach to swimming - drawing upon the swimming skills already learned from other programs.  We teach the additional skills necessary to be efficient, competitive swimmers.  We also encourage being physically fit and resolve to take note of the emotional well being of each swimmer.


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