Rainier Foothills Swim Team

RFST Groups



Designed for the novice swimmers on our team. These swimmers have never swam for a competitive swim team before. This group is very technique oriented and will focus on developing basic stroke fundamentals while growing their love for the water in a comfortable and fun environment. 


Typical Ages: 6-10

Practices per week: 2

Monthly/Quarterly Dues: $125/$360


Minimum Requirement to Join: 25 yards of Freestyle and Backstroke. Tryout with a coach. 





Designed for the intermediate swimmers on our team. These swimmers have some experience in a competitive environment and/or have developed basic stroke fundamentals in all four competitive strokes. This group will continue their stroke development by learning advanced stroke techniques. Swimmers will focus on developing their aerobic capacity. 


Typical Ages: 9-15

Practices per week: 3

Monthly/Quarterly Dues: $145/$420


Minimum Requirement: 100 yards Freestyle and Backstroke, 50 yards Butterfly and Breaststroke, and a 100 IM. Coach Approval. 





Designed for the swimmers who have demonstrated consistent advanced stroke fundamentals who are ready for more conditioning and a competitive emphasis. This group will focus to master their stroke fundamentals and racing events. Swimmers will focus on racing strategies, aerobic and anaerobic fitness, and goal attainment. We want these swimmers to strive for champs times.


Typical Ages: 10-18

Practices per week: 4

Monthly/Quarterly Dues: $155/$450


Minimum Requirement: 500 Yards Freestyle, 200 Yards Top non free stroke, 100 yards other two strokes, and a 200 IM. Coach Approval





Designed for our top swimmers! These swimmers have shown consistent mastery of stroke fundamentals. This groups training is focused on competing. We have implemented a training plan that benefits everything swimmer in this group, from sprinters to milers. Swimmers in this group will maintain focus on competing while striving to compete on champs meets, regionals/sectionals, and more higher level meets. 


Typical Ages: 13-18

Practices per week: 5

Monthly/Quarterly Dues: $165/$480


Minimum Requirement to join: 1000 yards of freestyle, 200 yards of Backstroke/*Butterfly/*Breaststroke, *400 IM. And/or Coach Approval.

*Please Note*

During our Covid Return to Swim Plan, all swimmers are assigned to practices and practice groups. Swimmers are to only show up to practices on their assigned days.



Dues are either monthly or quarterly (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec).

Each swimmer must also be a member of USA Swimming

Please send all payments to:

PO Box 528 Enumclaw WA 98022

For any billing questions please contact the team treasurer at: [email protected]