An Inclusive, Family-Friendly, Competitive Swim Team in Snohomish County Washington.
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Note:  Read ENTIRE PAGE for full understanding of all fees.  Registration renews annually in late Aug/Sept.

Multi-Swimmer-Families:  There is a 15% discount on 2nd sibling/3rd etc. [THIS ONLY APPLIES TO AG1 AND ABOVE].  SRST offers a FAMILY MAX OF $400 for monthly training fees.


(Per Swimmer Fee)

FAMILY ADMIN Installment #1 (August)

FAMILY ADMIN Installment #2 (March)

Silver $130/month $77 $200 $200
Gold $130/month $77 $200 $200
Age Group 1 $165/month $77 $200 $200
Age Group 2 $235/month $77 $200 $200
Senior $265/month $77 $200 $200
During HS
(3 months only)
$135 $77 $200 $200

*Note: SRST Family Admin is waived for people joining in March or later.
*Note:  Lap 4 Cash fee is reduced to $100 for people joining in January or later.
Rates For SRST Super Parents:

Silver $110.5/month
Gold $110.5/month
AG1 $140.25/month
AG2 $199.75/month
Senior $225.25/month
Senior 4 x Week Program No Discount

How to become an SRST Super Parent:

Become a USA Swimming Official.  As an official you must work all SRST hosted meets and at least 2 meets per season where we are guests.  We have 10 of these positions max.  If you are considering this option for the purpose of getting a Super Parent discount, please contact Coach Ben in advance to see if there are positions available.

SRST will pay for your non-athlete USA Swim Reg. + buy you two white SRST logo shirts.

Contact SRST Officials Coordinator Chris Kuehn to start the process of becoming an official:  CLICK HERE.

Other Requirements For Super Parents:
Super parents are trading value for value.  Super parents are enthusiastic supporters of SRST and are held to a higher standard than the general membership.  Super parents stay clear of all pool gossip and are never a sounding board for people with "issues".  Super parents always direct those with concerns straight to their direct coach and gracefully disengage when people want to talk about their team issues.  Super parents actively work to bring the team together and focus on solutions vs. problems.  Super parents maintain an emotional stability thru the ups and downs of their own swimmer's journey.  Super parents always support the coaching staff in public and when necessary they discuss any personal issues with the coaching staff in a one-to-one meeting.

To receive a Super Parent discount you must contact Coach Ben for approval.


"Training Fee" - Cost of month-to-month membership.  Covers coaching and pool rent and taxes.

"Annual SRST Family Fee" - Annual joining fee covers account set-up, bookkeeping, website, legal services, email service and monthly supplies.

"USA Swimming" -  Annual fee charged by USA Swimming for insurance coverage purposes. 

SRST does not charge any other "fundraising" fees.

Other Fees and Notes:

  1. Month-to-month membership.  Members must email Ben withing 48 hours of monthly invoicing to cancel membership.  If members do not email Ben within this timeframe there will be a $30 fee to cover bookkeeping services.
  2. HS Swimming and time off:  SRST charges $130 for up to 3 months max for swimmers doing other sports such as HS swim (50% of your group rate if leaving the team for other reasons with the intention of holding your spot).  This fee is charged regardless of whether swimmers are training with the team.  We are a year round team with set monthly expenses.  If families do not pay the 50% rate and try and rejoin after time off they will be charged for the number of months they were gone at the 50% rate + all other fees.  Paying 50% rate entitles the swimmer to attend a max of 4 workouts per week, allows for swim meet participation and maintains the swimmer roster position.
  3. Swim meets are extra.  SRST charges a $15 surcharge for swim meets (per swimmer).
  4. SRST does not charge for relays.  Please note that our system (Team Unify) will show relays on the invoice even though you are not charged for relays.
  5. SRST charges families an extra $15 per hosted swim meet (refer to the Join Team page to see how many meets we are hosting).  This charge is to cover the purchase of food for officials and coaches as well as copies, awards and other supplies to run the meet.
  6. Transfer swimmers must pay a $5 transfer fee.
  7. Apparel is extra.
  8. Equipment is extra
  9. Participation at our hosted meets is required.  There is a $100 charge for families not showing up for their volunteer shift.  This fee will allow SRST to hire workers to cover shifts.  Each family is responsible for 2 x shifts per hosted meet.
  10. We have a mid-year fee (SRST Annual Family Admin, in March) of $200; this is a per Account charge (not per swimmer).  This fee helps us during the time of year when expenses are high and income is low.
  11. Credit card usage: .30 per transaction fee/2.95% of total transaction.


If you would like to show your parents how to use this feature there are two options:

  1. Direct them to your site and have them
    1. Sign In.
    2. In the side menu click My Account > My Tutorials.
    3. Hover over the Playlist on the right.
    4. Click the Account OnDemand Payment tutorial.
  2. Offer them this direct link: http://teamunify.wistia.com/m/9z77WQ