An Inclusive, Family-Friendly, Competitive Swim Team in Snohomish County Washington.

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SRST - Practice This Weekend

Hello SRST Family, Practice is canceled this coming Saturday. In place of Saturday practice we will be doing a Sunday workout going 7-8 AM...

By Ben Olszewski

SRST - Final Roster Updates for Jan. 18 Session

Hello SRST Family, The Jan. 18 4-week session starts today and the updated roster is below. Please remember to bring your payment today with...

By Ben Olszewski

SRST - Friday Practice Meet

SRST Family, Tomorrow we are running our little swim meet/practice which I've named, "NEVER QUIT 2". This is basically a glorified practice. Here are...

By Ben Olszewski

SRST - Jan. 18 4-Week Session

Hello SRST Family, Below is the roster assignments for the Jan. 18th 4-week session. Please send issues/concerns to Coach Darrell ASAP at: [email protected] Please...

By Ben Olszewski

SRST - Important for Senior swimmers in the 6-7 PM and 7-8 PM group

Swimmers, 2 Part Email: Part 1 - Equipment for Swimmers. Part 2 - Survey for AM workouts. ============================================= PART 1 - Whether you swim...

By Ben Olszewski