An Inclusive, Family-Friendly, Competitive Swim Team in Snohomish County Washington.

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SRST - Mariner Launch + Coach Matt

Hello SRST Family, Coaching plan update for Mariner: We are moving Coach Matt to Mariner to work with Ben on Monday. There are several...

By Ben Olszewski

SRST: Important Swim Meet Info!

Hello SRST Family, Coach Darrell, Ben and Shelby had the opportunity to discuss future meets and we wanted to give you the details/updates ASAP:...

By Ben Olszewski

SRST: Mariner Opening Clarifications/Info

SRST Family, As you know, Mariner opens on Monday with Coach Ben leading the group. Initially Ben will be the solo coach at Mariner....

By Ben Olszewski

SRST: Fitter and Faster Tour Sale

Hello Team, The Fitter and Faster Group runs swim clinics with Olympians. While I normally hear great review, please understand I don't run these...

By Ben Olszewski

SRST: Mariner Opening

Hello SRST Family, Mariner is opening on Monday the 21st. Practice is M-F 6-7/6-7:30 PM by approval. Pending approval: Weight room M/W 8-8:45 PM....

By Ben Olszewski