An Inclusive, Family-Friendly, Competitive Swim Team in Snohomish County Washington.


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Members are responsible for reading all info on this
page and all info in the online registration. 

NEW SWIMMERS:  All prospective SRST swimmers must be evaluated before registration.  Please note that the minimum standard for entry onto the team is to be able to swim 50 yards (down and back in a 25 yard pool) with no stopping doing both Freestyle and Backstroke.  Swimmers must show side breathing on Freestyle and in both strokes maintain horizontal body position (legs cannot sink).  Even though we are a year round sport, you can join any time during the year and all memberships are month-to-month (see membership FAQ's at bottom of page for more info).

1st Day of Practice is Monday September 2nd, 2019 (Labor Day)! 

PNS Time Standards CLICK HERE

SRST does not have an attendance policy, but the more you come the better you get and there are no prorates for missing workouts.



Snohomish Aquatic Center Schedule - Starting Feb. 24, 2019:
Group Monday   Tuesday Wednesday   Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Silver   7-8 PM 6-7 PM   6-7 PM    
Gold 1 5-6 PM   5-6 PM   5-6 PM    
Gold 2 6-7 PM     7-8 PM 7-8 PM    
AG1 5-6 PM 5-6 PM 6-7 PM 5-6 PM 6-7:30 PM 1.5 hours as scheduled 1.5 hours as scheduled
AG1 Dryland   6-6:30 PM 5:30-6 PM        
AG2 6-8 PM 6-8 PM 7-9 PM 6-8 PM 6-8 PM 2.0 hours as scheduled 2.5 hours as scheduled
AG2 Dryland 5:15-6 PM   6:15-7 PM   5:15-6 PM .5 hours after water workout as scheduled.  
Senior 6-8 PM 5-7:30 PM 7-9 PM 5-7:30 PM 6-8 PM 2.0 hours as scheduled 2.5 hours as scheduled
Senior Dryland 5:15-6 PM   6:15-7 PM   5:15-6 PM .5 hours after water workout as scheduled.  
AG2/Senior Weekday AM    5:30-6:30 AM   5:30-6:30 AM      





Mariner High School Schedule:
First day is Sept. 2nd, 2019: NOTE FIRST DAY IS AT SAC ONLY.
Group Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
AG1 5:30-7 PM 5:30-7 PM 5:30-7 PM 5:30-7 PM 5:30-7 PM    
AG2 5:30-7:30 PM 5:30-7:30 PM 5:30-7:30 PM 5:30-7:30 PM 5:30-7:30 PM 2.0 hours as scheduled 2.5 hours as scheduled
Senior 5:30-7:30 PM 5:30-8 PM 5:30-7:30 PM 5:30-8 PM 5:30-7:30 PM 2.0 hours as scheduled 2.5 hours as scheduled
Senior Dryland (weight room) 8-8:30 PM   8-8:30 PM   8-8:30 PM    
AG2/Senior Weekday AM   5:30-6:30 AM   5:30-6:30 AM      

Note 1: Sat. and Sun. Workouts as scheduled in the Calendar Tab.
Note 2:  The schedule above is subject to change after the high school swim seasons are over (March-July).  We will remain in the evening all year (including summer).  Schedule changes CAN happen any time if Snohomish School District requires changes, but every effort will be made to keep the schedule consistent.
Note 3:  [SAC Specific] Seniors have a "Tuesday Meeting" from 5:15-6:00 PM.
Note 4:  When SAC is shut down swimmers can practice at Mariner in their appropriate group.  
Note 5:  When Mariner is shut down swimmers can practice at SAC.  TBA - Early in the year we will have a Mariner Group assesment at SAC to determine group assignment for times when Mariner is closed (Mariner and SAC groups do not align perfectly).
Note 6:  While we offer month-to-month payment, SRST is a year-round team with year-round expenses.  Therefore the above schedule does not guarantee or imply that you will get to practice every single day.  There will be cancellations and schedule changes.  Fees will not be adjusted or prorated.  All member agree to pay for a year-round experience with fluctuation in practice consistency and availability.  THIS YEAR THERE WILL BE NO PRORATES WHEN MARINER IS CLOSED...WE EXPECT SWIMMERS TO COME TO SAC AND SWIM IN THEIR APPROPRIATE GROUP.


We are a competitive Swim Team.  It should be noted that coaches are training swimmers for championship meets in the following months:

  • December
  • March
  • July

Coaches would love to see all swimmers available for the championship meets during these months.  Often swimmers who do not meet qualifying time standards are invited to participate in relays.  SRST will send out relay notifications close to the championship meet and all families should review these invitations and respond quickly at that time.  Going on vacation with 45 days of a big swim meet is a very bad idea because it will impact the conditioning and performance of the athlete.  While each swimmer participates in this sport individually, we are a TEAM and ask that families plan accordingly.  

2019-2020 Swim Meet List
Meet Name Date Location Group
October Challenge Oct. 5-6 Kamiak HS, Mukilteo All
StingRay Open Oct. 19-20 SAC All
Q Meet Nov. 17 KCAC Silver Times
Age Group Invite Nov. 23-24 SAC Qualifying Times
Fall Divisionals Dec. 7-8 SAC All
14 & U PNS Dec.  KCAC Qualifying Times
WA State SR Champs Dec. 19-22 KCAC Qualifying Times
Washington Open Jan. 16-19 KCAC Qualifying Times
Winter Challenge Jan. 25-26 SAC All
Feb. Divisionals Feb. 29- Mar. 1 SAC Qualifying Times
BBST Last Chance March 7-8 SAC  
Sectionals March 12-15 KCAC Qualifying Times
Regionals March 19-22 KCAC Qualifying Times
Spring Showdown March 28-29 KCAC All
Marlin Madness April 18-19 Marysville All
Long Course Kickoff April 24-26 KCAC TBD
IST Spring Open May 15-17 KCAC TBD
Apple Capital May 29-31  Wenatchee All
Pacific Coast Invite June 20-21 KCAC All
Mark Prothero July 9-12 KCAC Silver/Gold Times
Senior Sectionals July 16-19 Mt. Hood, OR Qualifying Times
Senior PNS Champs July 23-25 KCAC Qualifying Times
Futures July 30-Aug. 2 Irvine CA Qualifying Times
14 & U PNS Champs July 31-Aug. 2 KCAC Qualifying Times


Meet Notes:


  1. We may add additional meets.  Meet from April - July will be added at a later date.
  2. Meets cost extra.  See fees info.
  3. Members are 100% responsible for signing up by SRST posted deadlines.  Coaches do not enter swimmers into meets unless asked.  You should log in/out after entering a meet to ensure you have signed up properly.
  4. Members are 100% responsible for paying all fees.  This means members must read the meet info.  If you sign up for a meet and you cannot attend (for any reason) you must still pay.  So it really does "pay" to read the meet info.
  5. Members should consult with their direct coach (not Coach Ben) to see which meets are appropriate and which events are appropriate and recommended.
  6. All members are responsible for volunteering 2 shifts (per family) per SRST hosted meet.  These shifts are required even if you are not participating in the competition.  Members not volunteering must pay the fee outlined in the fee section.  
  7. Some meets require attending teams to help with volunteer timing.  This is required.  Fees will be applied and reimbursement will be credited (see info in fees section).

Required SRST meet uniform includes:
-Red SRST t-shirt
-Black SRST cap
-Black suit (any black suit); exception for speed suits (these can be any color).  Any brand of suit is acceptable.
-Optional: team warm-ups, parkas, towels, hats, sweatshirts, etc.

Multi-Swimmer-Families:  There is a 15% discount on 2nd sibling/3rd etc. [THIS ONLY APPLIES TO AG1 AND ABOVE and does NOT apply on 2nd family member if on reduced HS season rate].  SRST offers a FAMILY MAX OF $400 for monthly training fees.


(Per Swimmer Fee)

FAMILY ADMIN Installment #1 (August)

FAMILY ADMIN Installment #2 (March)

Silver $130/month $77 $200 $200
Gold $130/month $77 $200 $200
Age Group 1 $165/month $77 $200 $200
Age Group 2 $235/month $77 $200 $200
Senior $265/month $77 $200 $200
During HS
(3 months only)
$135 $77 $200 $200

Rates For SRST Super Parents:

Silver $110.5/month
Gold $110.5/month
AG1 $140.25/month
AG2 $199.75/month
Senior $225.25/month
Senior 4 x Week Program No Discount

How to become an SRST Super Parent:

Become a USA Swimming Official.  As an official you must work all SRST hosted meets and at least 2 meets per season where we are guests.  We have 10 of these positions max.  If you are considering this option for the purpose of getting a Super Parent discount, please contact Coach Ben in advance to see if there are positions available.

SRST will pay for your non-athlete USA Swim Reg. + buy you two white SRST logo shirts.

Contact SRST Officials Coordinator Chris Kuehn to start the process of becoming an official:  CLICK HERE.

Other Requirements For Super Parents:
Super parents are trading value for value.  Super parents are enthusiastic supporters of SRST and are held to a higher standard than the general membership.  Super parents stay clear of all pool gossip and are never a sounding board for people with "issues".  Super parents always direct those with concerns straight to their direct coach and gracefully disengage when people want to talk about their team issues.  Super parents actively work to bring the team together and focus on solutions vs. problems.  Super parents maintain an emotional stability thru the ups and downs of their own swimmer's journey.  Super parents always support the coaching staff in public and when necessary they discuss any personal issues with the coaching staff in a one-to-one meeting.

To receive a Super Parent discount you must contact Coach Ben for approval.


"Training Fee" - Cost of month-to-month membership.  Covers coaching and pool rent and taxes.

"Annual SRST Family Fee" - Annual joining fee covers account set-up, bookkeeping, website, legal services, email service and monthly supplies.

"USA Swimming" -  Annual fee charged by USA Swimming for insurance coverage purposes. 

SRST does not charge any other "fundraising" fees.

Other Fees and Notes:

  1. Month-to-month membership.  Members must email Ben withing 48 hours of monthly invoicing to cancel membership.  If members do not email Ben within this timeframe there will be a $30 fee to cover bookkeeping services.
  2. HS Swimming and time off:  SRST charges $130 for up to 3 months max for swimmers doing other sports such as HS swim (50% of your group rate if leaving the team for other reasons with the intention of holding your spot).  This fee is charged regardless of whether swimmers are training with the team.  We are a year round team with set monthly expenses.  If families do not pay the 50% rate and try and rejoin after time off they will be charged for the number of months they were gone at the 50% rate + all other fees.  Paying 50% rate entitles the swimmer to attend a max of 4 workouts per week, allows for swim meet participation and maintains the swimmer roster position.
  3. Swim meets are extra.  SRST charges a $15 surcharge for swim meets (per swimmer).
  4. SRST does not charge for relays.  Please note that our system (Team Unify) will show relays on the invoice even though you are not charged for relays.
  5. SRST charges families an extra $15 per hosted swim meet (refer to the Join Team page to see how many meets we are hosting).  This charge is to cover the purchase of food for officials and coaches as well as copies, awards and other supplies to run the meet.
  6. Transfer swimmers must pay a $5 transfer fee.
  7. Apparel is extra.
  8. Equipment is extra
  9. Participation at our hosted meets is required.  There is a $100 charge for families not showing up for their volunteer shift.  This fee will allow SRST to hire workers to cover shifts.  Each family is responsible for 2 x shifts per hosted meet.
  10. We have a mid-year fee (SRST Annual Family Admin, in March) of $200; this is a per Account charge (not per swimmer).  This fee helps us during the time of year when expenses are high and income is low.
  11. Credit card usage: .30 per transaction fee/2.95% of total transaction.
  12. NEW - VOLUNTEER TIMER CHARGE: At some meets the host team will require the visiting team to provide timers.  When this happens a timer list will be created by Coach Ben.  All families are required to time and families who do not time will be charged an additional $50 non-participation fee.  Here are some notes regarding this policy:
    A)  If your swimmer is not swimming in the session where timing is required you are off the hook to time.  In other words, we won't make families drive all the way to Federal Way just to time on a day you are not swimming.  
    B)  Coach Ben will divide the total number of hours required for timing by the number of families in the session and post a first-come-first-serve list for volunteer timers.  This list will be via our Team Unify system and all sign-ups will be in real time, so Coach Ben is completely taken out of the equation...truly a first-come-first-serve set-up.
    C)  If you are willing to time extra shifts (covering for those who do not time) please indicate this in the notes section in your swimmers online meet entries.  In the case of you being selected by Coach Ben to cover an extra shift, Ben will communicate with you via email to make sure you are still good to go for the extra work.  If everything lines up and you do the extra shift you will get a $15 credit on your account.
    D)  Coach Ben will make every effort to disclose in advance if timers will be required, but in the event this info is not made available to Coach Ben (or if Coach Ben forgets to inform the team) all members are still on the hook to help out or pay the price on not volunteering.
    E)  This non-volunteer charge for meets we attend is on top of all other fees.
    F)  Note: It's also important to know that no matter what shift you sign up for it's possible (and likely) that the host team will require ALL VOLUNTEER TIMERS to show up for the initial pre-race timer meeting (due to MAAPP training and to ensure quality timing throughout the competition).


If you would like to show your parents how to use this feature there are two options:

  1. Direct them to your site and have them
    1. Sign In.
    2. In the side menu click My Account > My Tutorials.
    3. Hover over the Playlist on the right.
    4. Click the Account OnDemand Payment tutorial.
  2. Offer them this direct link: http://teamunify.wistia.com/m/9z77WQ


And Swim Gear!

SRST offers lots of options:

1)  Online Team Store:  CLICK HERE.  Shop here and the team gets 10%.  Perfect for people who like to shop online.

2)  Snohomish Aquatic Center Pro Shop.  When you buy anything with an SRST logo at SAC the team gets 10%!  Perfect for people who like to see the product before they buy it.  Check out the cool team suits and the new SRST kick boards here!  SAC can also custom order you tech suits; just talk to Coach Chris!

3)  Coach Ben has the following in stock:
A)  Unisex red SRST shirts - $12
B)  Front Snorkels - $15
C)  Custom Name Silicone Team Caps - $30 for set of 2 caps
D)  Silicone Team Caps - $12 ea.
E)  Latex Team Caps - $5

F)  SRST Sticker/Car Decal - $5 For 2

Gear Silver Gold AG1 AG2 Senior
Kickboard x x x x x
Buoy x x x x x
Paddles     x x x
Front Snorkel x x x x x
Fins x x x x x
Breaststroke Fins     x    
Tempo Trainer       x x
Powerbags or Drag Sox       x x
Yoga Mat         x


Pre-Order For Custom Name Silicone Caps:



Do not ever turn in money or paperwork to Snohomish Aquatic Center or Mariner HS or any of our facilities.  All paperwork and payments go to Coach Ben.  Checks are always made out to SRST.

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StingRay News:  Once your account is active you will get the SRST newsletter email that comes out every Monday.  If you are brand new please text Coach Ben at 425-736-5600 to make sure practice is "on".  Since it takes time to set up your account you might not be in the loop as to schedule changes/closures yet.


Letters of Recommendation:  Coach Ben does not give out letters of recommendation unless the swimmer is participating in Ben's Letter of Recommendation Program:  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW THE PROGRAM.

Which Group Am I in?  All returning swimmers will re-enter the same group as they were previously in (unless your coach moved you to a new group).  If you have questions about moving up groups you can ask your direct coach.  If you are new, you must be evaluated prior to being accepted onto the team and you will be assigned a group at the time of evaluation. 

Who Coaches my Swimmer?  To see the current list of coaches and their assigned group, please see the coaches tab (very top left of website above tool bar): DIRECT LINK CLICK HERE




  1. Do we have to be on the team all year?
    Yes.  We are a year-round program but you pay month-to-month.  We do allow members to leave the team for 3 months to do other activities but they must pay 50% rate while they are gone.  Families not paying will not be guaranteed their spot back on the team if they wish to return.  Families leaving and not paying the 50% rate will need to pay the total of all fees owed when they return (50% monthly rate x 1/2 or 3 months....anything longer than 3 months will incur full rate for additional months).
  2. If we leave, is our spot secure for when we return?

    Families can leave for up to 3 months but must pay the HS 4 x week rate.  Often high school swimmers do this during their HS season.  We do allow HS swimmers to participate up to 4 x per week + meets when they are paying the reduced rate of $135 (max of three months).

  3. Do we have to commit to going to every practice?
    No.  There is no attendance policy, but the more you come the better you get.  Also, swimmers who keep up with their training will have less injury.  We will not prorate or refund for practices that you miss.
  4. Are swim meets required?
    Yes.  Swimmers should ideally go to one meet per month and our minimum requirement is to attend 3 meets per season (3 meets between Sept. and end of March and 3 meets between April and end of July).
  5. Do you accept cash?
    Yes.  The only coach you are allowed to give cash to is Coach Ben.  Coach Ben does not keep a receipt book, so please double check your account 7 days after giving payment to Ben to ensure your payment was recorded.
  6. Are Silver and Gold swimmers allowed to compete?
    Yes.  All swimmers on SRST are full USA Swim Members and allowed to compete.  In fact, we encourage it!
  7. Do coaches sign the swimmers up for the swim meets?
    No.  All families are in 100% control of their own meet entries.  If you want advice from your coach as to what events might be most appropriate, please ask your direct coach.  The learning curve for swim meets is pretty big.  We have a wealth of info related to swim meets that you should begin to familiarize yourself with ASAP.  Go to Team Info/Swim Meet Info: DIRECT LINK CLICK HERE.
  8. Is there a minimum skill requirement to join the team?
    Yes.  Swimmers must be able to swim 2 lengths in a 25 yard pool (no stopping allowed) with both Freestyle and Backstroke.  For Freestyle, the swimmer must have good side breathing technique.  For both Freestyle and Backstroke, the swimmer must have a good horizontal body position (in other words, the legs cannot be sinking).
  9. Are you supportive of high school swimming?
    Yes.  We encourage swimmers to participate on their high school swim team.  Our preferred choice is to have the swimmers come in 3 times or more per week to swim with their SRST coach during the high school swim season and also participate in SRST meets.