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Ben Olszewski

Hello SRST Family, Mariner is opening on Monday the 21st. Practice is M-F 6-7/6-7:30 PM by approval. Pending approval: Weight room M/W 8-8:45 PM. Coaching situation: Mariner opening was a great surprise to me. I honestly didn't think we would see it open for another 6 months (if ever). As you can imagine, I'm thrilled about this, but completely unprepared from a staffing perspective (especially not knowing how many kids will be swimming there). The basic plan is simple...Coach Ben will be in charge of the program and run the...

Ben Olszewski

Hello SRST Family, Thanks for a great swim meet! We are so proud of all our swimmers! Thank you to our parent volunteers who stepped up to make this meet run smoothly....you guys are the best! We especially appreciate our Officials....without you guys there is no swim meet. PDF Results: CLICK HERE Many of our swimmers are wondering about future meets. Shelby, Darrell and Ben are meeting tomorrow to discuss meets over the next six months. We will follow up with the team ASAP after the coach meeting tomorrow. AM...

Ben Olszewski

Hello SRST Family, Are you not getting SRST emails? I just got info from Team Unify support and this is what they said (if you need your email "unsuppressed" let me know): Hello Ben The reason that the user(s) was not getting our emails was that the user or the user’s email service provider marked our email as spam or was bounced. When that happens our system can detect it and will suppress the email address, preventing the system from attempting to send to that address again. We unsuppressed the...


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Attention SRST Family, We just got word that Mariner is closed today due to a school function. No pool or weight room tonight. All families can go to practice at SAC. Keep in mind the times are slightly different there (see schedule on website). We are back to regular schedule tomorrow. Sorry for the short notice, but I was just informed. ============================================== THUNDERBIRD MEET: We are moving the entry deadline to this Thursday! -Coach Ben

Link to Weekly Newsletter Please note on attendance: We are working thru some systems and ideas to help get our attendance records more accurate. Please be patient and let Coach Ben know if you were not marked. Corrections will show up on your name for the following week update.

SRST Updates! 9-17-14 UPDATE #1: SAC has HS swim competitions (lasting until as late as 6 PM; this cannot be accurately predicted in advance) on the following dates: 9/18 10/2 10/9 10/14 10/16 10/21 10/30 THIS IS OUR SCHEDULE/PLAN FOR THE DATES ABOVE: AG1/2/3/Senior/Senior-Gold will do dryland work in the backroom under the bleachers until the competition pool becomes available (it’s possible the pool will be available on time at 5:00 PM, but at the latest it will be 6:00 PM). Silver will combine with Gold from 6-7 PM (the...

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