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SRST Special Email: The future...

Ben Olszewski


Things were going so well and now have this "situation".  As you all know very well, estimates vary greatly on when things may return to normal.  The fact is we really don't know.

As most of you are aware, this team is the realization of my dream job.  It's what I envisioned for my life many years ago.  I've lived and breathed swimming from age 8.

I have a choice now.  I can sit and wait and hope for the best or put some things in place to be financially proactive for my family.  Anyone who knows me knows I'm not going to sit around and wait.  I have 3 kids to feed and a house to pay for.  I lost everything in the housing crash back in 2007-2008 and I never want to go back to that feeling.

Currently I have 2 full time coaches and everyone else is paid hourly.  I have to consider all options including layoffs.  That said, here is my plan:

  • Currently I'm personally applying for jobs I can do that do not interfere with my on deck hours.  This way when things get back to normal either next month or down the road, I can easily show up at practice at a moments notice.  This is what I have to do in order to maintain some income to pay bills and not get into an even worse situation.  Basically I'm slowing down the financial problems that would result from a possible long closure (and yes this needs to be considered as a possibility).
  • I have one employee who works SRST as their main job.  I want to pay this person what I can.  If I can cover their pay I want to then move to my other full time person.  If I can pay both I would want to ration out any other monthly income to be split among the other employees who work this job as a part-time to supplement their other work.
  • I've had several families request to keep their accounts "active" and I will use these funds to keep my people employed to the level I can according to this plan.

Each month I will send out an email to the team to see if anyone wants their account to remain "active".  It will be assumed that all accounts will be "inactive/free", so you won't need to reply unless you want to voluntarily pay.

So, if you want your account to remain "active" (you will be invoiced) please respond to this email.

NOTE:  I would NEVER judge anyone for not participating in this.  We all have different financial situations.  For some of you, it's not a huge deal to continue to pay and for others, you were barely making it anyway.  I get it.  I pray the best for all of you and I appreciate any and all income from our team members.  If you have an outstanding balance and you are not in a financial situation, I ask for you to please send your check to PO Box 652 Monroe WA 98272.

Thanks for your support and hopefully this is a very short term situation.  If it's not we will overcome it together.

Coach Ben