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SRST News: 3-24-20

Ben Olszewski

Hello Team,

The topic of this email:  SRST ACCOUNTS/BILLING

As you all know, SRST accounts were invoiced for the month of March.  We didn't get a full two weeks, but I'm rounding up to 2 weeks, since we do have a subjective allowance for closures.

By the BEST and most HOPEFUL estimate we would return to swimming April 27th and I'm not charging for April, so you are losing 2 weeks in March (that you paid for) and getting some days free toward the end of April.  I won't do the exact math on this, because considering your flexible options below it doesn't matter.


So here are your options (and please stick to these because otherwise it gets to be a total mess for me):

  1. Many of you agreed to pay for April and if you emailed me to approve that, I have placed that charge on your account.  Please take a moment to review the charge since I did everything by hand and could have made a mistake.  If everything is correct and you are fine as-is, no further action is necessary.
  2. If you changed your mind and don't want to pay in April or if you want to pay 75% of your normal monthly or some other amount, just email me how much you'd like to pay and I'll adjust.  
  3. If you want a 50% refund (or another amount) for March please let me know and I'll place that credit on your account.

Other notes:

  • Thank you again for your support during this time.  All coaches will get their full pay for the month of March thanks to you guys and I sincerely appreciate it.  
  • Reminder:  All accounts are turned off (you will not be charged your monthly fee) for April, unless you volunteered to pay.
  • If you pay by check and have an outstanding balance (and if you are not in a hardship situation), now would be a really helpful time to send in your payment to: PO Box 652 Monroe WA 98272.
  • Please review your account ASAP if you are no autopay....it's almost the end of the month!  If you want to turn off auto-pay you can log into your SRST account and turn it off.

Thanks everyone and as always I will let you know the moment I have any clear answers on a plan to return to swimming.

Please be safe and for the kids: Do your best to maintain your fitness levels at home :)

Take care everyone,

Coach Ben