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SRST: Coach Ben Video 4-6-20

Ben Olszewski

Hello Team,

I made a video that is basically the normal "Monday Meeting" type talk I would give my Seniors.  This is not a required video to watch, but more just me reaching out to my swimmers.  If you haven't heard me talk before you might want to review it before you allow your swimmer to watch it.  Some parents don't like my talks and won't let their kids hear the kinds of things I go over in these meetings and that's completely OK....it's optional.

I don't have an update on the swim situation.  I'm aware of the school situation, but at this point we are just waiting to see how that might impact swimming.  Obviously I'll let you all know when I hear.


I know some of you are like me...you lost your job.  If you are really hurting and would like a meal sent to your home once or twice per week, please let me know and include how many are in your family, where you live and if you have any food alergies or preferrences and I'll arrange to help you out.  We have an amazing swim family and I guarantee there are people on the team who would send you a meal once or twice per week.  This includes coaches who may need help.  You let me know and I'll find someone who can help you.

Take care everyone,

Coach Ben