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SRST: Mariner Schedule Changes

Stingray Swim Club

Hello SRST Family,

This message is primarily for our Everett area families, but it's important for all members since on some occasions closures at SAC result in those swimmers going to Everett.

Due to conflicts with basketball season there are many canceled workouts at Mariner.  Fortunately we were able to reserve pool space at Explorer Middle School in Everett.

The location is: 9600 Sharon Dr. Everett.  Upon arrival, drive thru the gated entrance and follow the parking lot to the left.  Go all the way down to the end of the parking lot (by tennis courts) and the pool is the corner building.  Upon entry into the facility, the pool is the first door on the left.  The commons area (where we will do dryland workouts) is down the hall on the right.

You can see all the schedule changes by going to the Calendar tab on our website:  CLICK HERE.


  1. The changes shown on the Calendar are just the changes/cancellations.  All other days are our regular Mariner schedule.
  2. We HIGHLY recommend you print this page and keep a copy.  Double check each day to make sure you are planning correctly.
  3. Due to the late nights at Explorer and reduction in water time, families have a few options including:
    A)  Follow the schedule as-is until we can go back to our normal full time Mariner schedule.
    B)  Swim at SAC on the nights when we are at Explorer.
    C)  Only swim at Mariner (request a prorate credit) for the days missed.
    D)  If you can think of some other idea, we want to be accommodating during this disruption....just reach out to Ben with your proposal.
  4. You'll notice a week of longer practices during the Winter Break period.  This is not a mistake, but simply an opportunity to do some serious training when the kids are out of schools.

That's all.  We thank you for your patience during this schedule disruption.  After seeing how well most of the kids did during the 1 hour COVID workouts I'm completely confident we will continue to excel in our Everett area portion of the swim team.

Please reach out with any questions and be aware the first Explorer practice is tomorrow (Friday Dec. 3).


Coach Ben