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SRST: USA Swimming Membership Annual Fee

Stingray Swim Club

Hello Team,

USA Swimming Membership fees were just invoiced.  The fee is $81.  If you were not charged it means that your previous USA Swimming Fee was close enough to the date that your payment carries into 2022....newbies in other words.

This is a PER MEMBER fee, meaning if you have 3 swimmers you would have 3 x $81 fees invoiced.

If you were not charged and think you should have been, or charged and you don't think you should have been just email me and let me know and I'll investigate.

This is a large sum of money that SRST paid up front to PNS so if you can bring in cash or check that would be helpful (even if you are on autopay).  If you need to pay this in Feb. that's OK, we can make it.