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SRST: Senior Sectionals Off Calendar.....Senior Zones Added

Stingray Swim Club

Hello Team,

SRST has changed course and will no longer be attending the Senior Sectional Championship in March.  Instead, we will be attending the Senior Zone Championships at the end of March in St. George UT.  Complete info is on the website.  Just log into your account and you will see a new tab in the menu that says "SENIOR ZONES".

The reasons for this change are:

A)  The coaching staff decided that it would be better for team building to attend a championship with slightly easier time standards so we could bring more athletes.

B)  Due to the fact that this meet has a slightly lower level of competition it means our swimmers have an improved chance of making the finals and getting additional races.  Most of our swimmers tend to swim their best in championship finals.

C)  Having a larger number of swimmers at the big meet is more fun for everyone and helps build a great sense of team.

D)  With time standards that are slightly easier to make our up and coming swimmers now have a great travel meet to help them stay motivated.  At the same time our upper level swimmers have a great chance of making it to the top 16 finals where they can showcase their talents and hopefully get some great swims that help turn the heads of college coaches who are evaluating their progression.

E)  Swimming indoors in a controlled environment is always preferable to outdoor meets (the Sectional meet is outdoors in Phoenix).  Outdoor meets are fun, but you never know about the weather...even in Phoenix.

NOTE: If you are a swimmer who has the Senior Zone qualifying times and would love to attend the meet, please let Coach Ben know so he can put you on the special contact list for the meet.  Swimmers who are not qualified but are close and would attend the meet if qualifies should also let Coach Ben know, so you don't miss any important announcements....after all....you might qualifiy!!!

Here is some general info regarding qualifying swim meets...

One of the great joys of swimming is setting and achieving goals.  The basic progression looks something like this:

1) Attend a meet or two and establish some times.

2) Write down your times on a piece of paper (know your own best times).

3) Attend additional meets and attempt to swim faster than you ever have before.  We call this a "best time" or "PR" (short for personal record).

4) As you slowly get faster you will start to see swim meets on the schedule with qualifying time standards.  For these meets you will need best times that are equal to or faster than the time standard for the meet in order to participate.  At a certain point your goals will be in large part based on the swim meets you are trying to qualify for.

There is a ton of information (and even a personal Coach Ben video) on our website in the Team Info tab (Swim Meet Info in the drop down menu).

Swimmers are encouraged to talk to their coaches about setting and achieving goals.  We will have info on our website shortly for the Winter Blast (a swim meet we are hosting the last weekend of January).  Swimmers can talk to their direct coach regarding what events to choose.  Remember that on SRST, the final decision on event selection at swim meets lies in the hands of the family.....but....coaches love to help the kids make good choices (such as not swimming the same races over and over).

For most of the swimmers on the team who look at the Senior Zone Meet qualifying times, you will notice that the time standards are VERY fast and not within a realistic range...don't worry!  There will be other meets along the way with slower qualifying times that are more realistic.  For ALL SWIMMERS the process is the same: Attend meets and work to better your personal times.  

In the pre-COVID era when we knew what pools were going to be available their was an entire step by step hierarchy of swim meets that were set up to help swimmers slowly progress up the ladder.  Hopefully we'll get back to that some day.  For now though we'll just see what swim meets become available and when upper level championships are not available or way out of range for the average swimmer, we will continue to focus on the most important thing: IMPROVING YOUR PERSONAL BEST TIMES.

One final reminder on meets and swim training in general: Get in the habit of talking to your direct Coach.  If you email Coach Ben and Ben doesn't directly work with your swimmer it will be nearly impossible to give the best advice.  The direct coach of your swimmer is their advocate and here to help them in their swim journey.


Coach Ben