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SRST News: Week of Oct. 10 2022

Stingray Swim Club

Hello Team,

News for the week...

  1. SWIM MEET ENTRY DEADLINES: This is a repeat announcement....there will be no late entries accepted for swim meets.  I urge all swimmers/parents to sign-up for meets immediately when they are offered.  If you put it off for later, you might forget.
  2. NEW SWIM MEET:  We just added a new meet in November in Bellingham.  This meet has no time standards, and it will be the only meet offered in November for all swimmers.  The Age Group Invite (also in November) will have time standards and thus not everyone can attend.  Please plan accordingly.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT: To keep fees down, SRST runs swim meets.  This also helps us serve Pacific Northwest Swimming and our own swimmers (offering meets in our home pool).  In order to run meets we must have officials.

    PARENT MEETING FOR PROSPECTIVE OFFICIALS: Wednesday Oct. 12 at 7 PM at SAC in the comp pool bleachers.  

    Please attend this meeting if you have any interest in helping as an official.  The meeting will be run by our Head Ref. Deb Soper.  Do not be intimidated by this volunteer job!  You will be trained and it's not difficult.  Officials get a $25 credit per session they work at our hosted swim meets (and it counts as your volunteer hours).  Officials also get access to the hospitality room at meets and you can even earn $15 per session you work at meets where we are not the host (see Join Team page for exact details).  We desperately need about 10 more parents to work as officials.  If your swimmer loves swimming, please consider this job.  We need parents to not only help as stroke and turn officials, but to slowly over time advance into more high-level positions (like Starter and Meet Ref.).
  4. CUSTOM NAME CAPS: Just touching base....the caps have not arrived yet, but when they do, we will email everyone.
  5. SWIM MEET CREDITS AND NON-VOLUNTEER FEES: The credits for people who ran extra shifts have not yet been applied, but we will be working on it very soon.  The same goes for the non-volunteer fees.
  6. SOCKEYE SPRINT RESULTS: I'm not sure what the issue is, but these results are still being processed.  If your times from this competition are not showing up when you enter the meets we have posted, there is a reason.  Please be patient as this issue is worked out by PNS and USA Swimming.  The roll-over to the new USA Swimming site has had some bumps in the road (as you know).
  7. BEHAVIOR POLICY:  Please note that the Behavior Policy was updated this season to include language about Public Displays of Affection. SRST does not want swimmers engaging in PDA of any kind.  We want all our parents and swimmers to be aware of this and help hold one another accountable.  SRST has no place to make judgements about kids having a "crush" or "dating", but we don't want to see it during SRST hours or at the pool or any events we attend.  Thanks for your help with this.
  8. PRACTICE IS FOR PRACTICE:  The coaches have started to notice that some swimmers are not entering the water on time for warm-up, leaving/stopping in the middle of practice, disappearing during practice, leaving without letting the coach know, etc.  Coaches don't want to "tell on" swimmers to their parents, but it's a safety concern when we don't know where kids are, and parents assume they are swimming.  I'm instructing all my coaches to inform parents via email when their kids engage in non-participation (when it's not communicated as to why).  We encourage parents to drop in unannounced from time to time to observe practice.
  9. OCTOBER CHALLENGE: Thank you all for helping us run a successful swim meet.  We were really impressed with how everyone stepped up to help us run the meet.  This group of parents is doing a great job of carrying the torch of volunteerism that SRST is known for.  Well done group!

-Coach Ben