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SRST News: Week of 10-17-22

Stingray Swim Club

Hello Team,

Here are some news items for the week:

  • CUSTOM NAME CAPS: The caps have arrived.  Coach Ben arrives at the pool at around 6:25 PM daily and stays until 9 PM.  Please come get your cap when you can.

    Next Order: We will announce another order in a few months via email.  Stay tuned for details.
  • TEAM SHIRTS AND REGULAR CAPS: The next sale will be Thursday the 27th at SAC from 5:45-7:15 PM at SAC.  In the mean time, shirts and other apparel items can be ordered any time online on the team store thru Swim Outlet.  Coach Ben always has no-name silicone caps available in his bag for $12.
  • FULL PRACTICE CANCELATION: This Friday Oct. 21st there are no practices due to a diving meet.
  • SUNDAY WORKOUTS: The Sunday workouts for Oct. are listed in the Calendar Tab on the website.
  • SRST INFORMATION: I often get questions about fees, practice schedules, volunteering and more.  Please note that 90% of the information you need about the nuts and bolts of SRST membership is on the JOIN TEAM page of the website.  This is the same page that all members were responsible for reading during the online registration.  Another great page completely dedicated to all things SWIM MEETS can be found in TEAM INFO/SWIM MEET INFO (drop down menu).
  • CASCADE SWIM MEET (this weekend): As soon as the host team releases information, we will email the team.
  • BBST SWIM MEET: The entry deadline is Nov. 1st.
  • UPDATED SWIM TIMES/MEET RESULTS: Please note that meets are not updated with swimmer's current best times unless we get those times released to us prior to the entry deadline for the next meet.  Swim meet results are coming in very slowly.  This is likely due to the SWIMS 3.0 launch.  Hopefully it will improve.  
  • OCTOBER SENIOR CHALLENGE: Congrats to all our swimmers!  There were some really nice swims performed by our SRST kids!  Results will be posted when they become available.  All accounts will be invoiced for the meet today.  Please remember that you don't need to write an extra check for swim meets.  Members can include swim meets into their monthly fees payment and those on autopay don't need to even think about it, because the system will pay all your fees with your card or bank draw (ACH).
  • VOLUNTEERING: This is a reminder to plan ahead for our hosted swim meets.  We've already hosted one meet for the year and now we have 3 left.  The meets we are hosting are listed on the JOIN TEAM page of the website.  We are fortunate that our team size is strong this year.  This means we can likely reduce the required 2 shift per family rule to 1 shift.  Going to 1 shift per family is OK if we get full participation.  
  • PARENT OFFICIALS: Thank you to all the parents who showed up to learn about officiating.  We hope you will consider going to the PNS website and getting registered for an upcoming Zoom Clinic.  If you missed the meeting, but you would consider helping us as an official please reach out.  We need about 10 more officials to really pull our weight in Pacific Northwest Swimming.


Coach Ben