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SRST News: Week of 10-24

Stingray Swim Club

Hello SRST Family,

Here are some new items for the week...

  • BBST Entry Deadline: Nov. 1
  • Nov. AG Invite Entry Deadline: Nov. 7
  • Sunday Practice: "yes" for Oct. 30th 6-7 PM/7-8 PM.  Contact Coach Darrell if you want to attend.  These practices are $5 extra.
  • Officials: Thank you to our parent officials.  It was awesome seeing SRST officials at the Cascade Meet working.  If you are new please remember to send Coach Ben your expenses for reimbursement.  Here is an email I got today and it was exactly what I want to see:
  • $10.00 – Clinic fee
  • $41.53 - Background Check
  • $79.00 – USA Swimming Registration
  • $11.90 - Name Tag
  • Total: $142.43

    (copies of everything attached to the email)

    Note: If you would like to help as an official, please reach out to Coach Ben.
  • SRST Top 10 List: Congrats to Elissa Anderson who made 9th on the All-Time Top Ten List this weekend in the 500 Freestyle!!
  • Custom Name Caps: This is the last week Coach Ben will be bringing the custom name caps to the pool.  Please pick up your cap if you were in the first big order.  If you want to be included in the next order of custom name caps, just wait for an email announcement...we will do another order later in the season.
  • Cascade Meet Invoice: Fees have been added to accounts for this meet.  Remember that meet fees can be included in your monthly fees or paid automatically if you have card or ACH set-up.
  • SRST Shirt Sale: Reminder that Angela will be at SAC on the 27th from 5:45-7:15 to sell red SRST shirts.  
  • Officials Shirts: We are about to make an order for new shirts.  If you are one of our new officials, please email us your shirt size and also if you want the male or female cut.
  • Team Info Reminder: From time to time I'm still getting basic questions related to fees and volunteering.  Please refer to the Join Team Page for info on these (and other) important SRST topics.

That's all for now.  Let's have a great week of practice!  Championships are coming soon!!!


Coach Ben