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SRST: High School Reduced Rate Info

Stingray Swim Club


As many of you know, SRST offers a reduced fee program during the high school swim season (3 months max).  This information is in the Join Team section of the website.

What was not spelled out was the standardized months for each gender group, so we'll outline that for you here:

Girls - Sept/Oct/Nov

Boys - Dec/Jan/Fed

If you have been a high school girl on the reduced fee program, this is the last month at that rate.  All high school girls will be adjusted to full rate for December.  If you are a high school boy who intends on swimming the reduced schedule with SRST during your high school swim season, you can expect your reduced fees to start in December.

I have added a new tab on the website that says, "HS LIST".  If you are a boy who will be participating on SRST only part-time during HS, please email Coach Ben to get on the list.  If you've already emailed Ben your request to be on the reduced fee schedule, please wait 24 hours to have your name added to the list (I just put it up there and haven't added any names yet).

You can read all the info regarding the reduced fee schedule on the JOIN TEAM page of the website.


Coach Ben