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Stingray Swim Club

SRST Family,

This weekend is our hosted swim meet at SAC: Winter Challenge.  Whenever we host a meet, we have a requirement that parents volunteer 2 shifts.  FOR THIS MEET WE ARE GOING TO ATTEMPT TO GET THE JOB DONE WITH ONE VOLUNTEER SHIFT PER FAMILY.  If it looks like we are short, we may ask for additional help on Friday via email.  The sign-up is open at 8PM tonight, so please log into your SRST account and sign-up for a shift at that time. Sign-ups are first-come-first-serve.

Here are some important notes:

  • Volunteering is required.  Volunteers can be anyone 13 or over willing to represent your family.  This is a great opportunity for students to get needed hours for community service.  If a student is participating for a community service project, they should bring in their paperwork or email it to Ben's wife, Angela, at: [email protected]
  • Parents should be careful to pay attention to shift times when signing up to volunteer.  Some parents want to volunteer when their swimmer is participating, and others want to volunteer in a session when their swimmer is not swimming.  Please sign-up according to your own schedule needs.  
  • We have a non-volunteer charge of $100, but we don't want your money...we want your help.  This fee and all other fees are disclosed in the online registration and available for review anytime on our website in the JOIN TEAM tab.
  • Parents must volunteer even if your swimmer is not participating.  You can plan for future meets and get them on your calendar by clicking on the JOIN TEAM tab on our website (there you will see the meets we are hosting and other meets we are attending).  
  • We will train you.  No experience is required.  The easiest job is TIMER.
  • Volunteers need to check in at the volunteer desk a few min. before their shift.  You can see your shift time by logging into your SRST account and clicking on the Job sign-up button next to the swim meet on the home page.  Remember you must sign-in with Angela and then work your entire shift in order to get credit for your work.  The volunteer desk will be located under the record boards inside the comp pool.
  • Issues should be directed to Ben's wife Angela via text message at: 425-736-5601.  Example: Text Angela that you are stuck in traffic and will be late.

  • The hospitality room is for coaches/officials only.  Please bring your own food and drink, but remember, no glass allowed in the pool.  THE ONLY VOLUNTEER POSITIONS THAT HAVE ACCESS TO THE HOSPITALITY ROOM ARE OFFICIALS AND THE HOSPITALITY VOLUNEERS.
  • You can store your belongings under the bleachers.  This area will not be monitored by SRST staff, but it is much safer than leaving your stuff unattended in the bleachers.
  • Please wear your red SRST shirt if you have one.  If you want to buy one we will have them available for $12.00 (Note: We have located our adult medium shirts, so if were looking for this size, we now have them in stock).  We will also have swim caps for sale.  All apparel sales will be at the Volunteer Desk.  
  • An important rule for volunteer parents to remember is "no cell phones behind the starting blocks".  This is especially important for timers who are behind the blocks (because you are there for a long time).  If you need to check your phone, please call for a backup so you can take care of your business in the lobby or on the side area of the pool.
  • If all the volunteer slots are taken, please text Angela and let her know.  Angela will create a volunteer position for you.  Parents must fill open volunteer positions first.  She will only create new positions after all originally listed positions are filled.

Thanks in advance for all your hard work!  We appreciate our SRST Family!

Coach Ben