An Inclusive, Family-Friendly, Competitive Swim Team in Snohomish County Washington.

SRST Officials

Working as an Official can be a rewarding way to help support your swimmer.  Officials are the people at swim meets in the white shirts/blue shorts walking the deck and helping to maintain a fair and equal playing field for competitions.  SRST supports officials financially and strongly encourages new members to get involved.  All of your expenses are covered and training is provided.  Please consider working as an official with SRST!

  • SRST Officials Coordinator - $100 Credit (once per year credit)
    Currently this position is: OPEN
  • Certified Stroke and Turn Official - $50 Credit (one time annual)
  • Starter - $100 Credit (one time credit)
  • Meet Ref - $200 Credit (per SRST hosted swim meet credit)
  • Admin Official - $50 Credit (one time credit)

Officials must present Ben with updated officials card.
1-  Non-Athlete USA Reg. is reimbursed
2-  Class fees and recert fees
3-  Athlete protection training
4-  Officials SRST white t-shirt

Non-Official Job Opportunity:
Meet Director - $200 
Credit (per SRST hosted swim meet credit)

Note For SRST Officials:
Working as an official at SRST hosted events will count as volunteering for SRST obligations outlined in the registration packet.  Working at non SRST hosted events is appreciated, but that time is not considered toward fulfilling obligations to SRST for our hosted meets.  Many officials do help out at meets that are hosted by other clubs.
This type of selfless volunteering is what keeps our sport running and is appreciated by all.  I thank you in advance for your service.  Officials are truly the unsung heroes of swimming.

===>>Steps to Becoming an Official (click here)


  1. Ed Engel
  2. Kerry Fidler
  3. Chris Kuehn
  4. Leif Johnston
  5. Jenni Kevis, Admin Official


Must RSVP to Bob Keller Bob_Keller@comcast.net


Other clinics can be found at http://www.pns.org/SubTabGeneric.jsp?team=pnws2&_stabid_=49350.

"For the meet to be fair, we need your help"