An Inclusive, Family-Friendly, Competitive Swim Team in Snohomish County Washington.
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SRST Philosophy

In USA Swimming there are 2800+ Member Teams and over 300,000 individual athletes (and constantly growing).  Finding the right team is a process of understanding your own family values and goals and matching up with a team that has a similar philosophy/approach.

The goal of this page is to provide prospective members as much info as possible about the philosophy of our Team, so you can make a great informed decision if our Team is a good fit for you and your family.

Here is a short summary of who we are.............

We are a family-friendly COMPETITIVE swim team.  We strive to maintain a healthy competitive environment with an emphasis on athlete protection.  Personal progress in the sport of competitive swimming does not resemble a straight line; even the most dedicated swimmers will experience ups and downs.  Some people refer to these "downs" as failures; we do not.  We are not "result focused".  We are "process focused".  We place the highest value on the process of personal development each individual experiences as they move through the sport.  Character is not developed by traveling on a smooth road; we look forward to the bumps and we use those experiences to develop our kids into champions.

Given this approach, we are a low-stress and low-pressure team.  We are confident in the fact that hard work, consistency, goal setting and a dream will build a quality person who gets the best results. 

It may sound as though we don't care about swimming fast; that couldn't be further from the truth.  We love to win and we aim to win.  We celebrate the achievements of our champions and we also celebrate when a swimmer achieves a personal best.  A great aspect of our sport is the objective measure of time.  Swimmers may not be able to win their event, but it is possible to swim a personal best time in any race.  In this way a swimmer can see obvious progress no matter if they are finishing #2 or #52 in the race.

We believe that SRST offers a training structure that if followed 100%, will allow swimmers to achieve their highest potential in the sport.  For some, that "potential" is Olympic Trials and even an Olympic Gold medal; several SRST swimmers have achieved Olympic Trial qualifications.  For others it means a strong mind, healthy body and the ability to compete well locally.

The potential each swimmer has will vary greatly.  Our goal is to inspire our kids to "go for it" and make the most out of their time and to take great pride in their training and personal journey.  The SRST Coaching Staff values EVERY SWIMMER on the team.  Our job is to make sure they value their own journey through the sport (and that the parents do as well).

To achieve success in the SRST model we follow this simple formula:

1- Swimmers: Dream big, set goals, work hard and smart, never give up, have fun and enjoy the process.

2- Parents: Provide unconditional support and love for your child-swimmer.  Trust the coaches and allow them to do what they do best.  Stay relaxed and enjoy the process.

3- Coaches: Inspire, teach, guide, train and value each individual.  Never give up, have fun and enjoy the process.

If you buy into the philosophies described above you are probably a great fit for the SRST program and we welcome you with open arms into our swimming family!!!

Corporate Mission

Mission & Vision Page


“Honesty, Excellence, Commitment”


Every day we strive to provide an environment where personal excellence, honesty and commitment are expected.  Through the pursuit of our dreams and goals we will learn valuable life skills and develop the drive to achieve our potential in swimming and life.  We are committed to fostering a healthy environment (mentally and physically) where kids are not afraid to fall down, fall short or fail in the lofty pursuit of their dreams; this is where character is developed.  Athlete protection is of paramount importance.

Vision Statement

To build a tradition of swimming excellence tied to our community.  We will have a reputation of producing passionate, inspired and high producing swimmers, coaches and parents; we will be known nationwide.

Core Objectives

The StingRay Swim Team has adopted three core objectives from USA Swimming. These core objectives establish the foundation of the strategic business plan for our sport. The StingRay Swim Club encourages all members to participate in the local, regional and national efforts to ensure that these objectives are accomplished.


We seek to expand our membership in order to share our sport with as many other people as possible. We are especially committed to sharing the values of our sport with young people who may discover that swimming is an activity they can enjoy for their entire life.


We want swimming to receive as much publicity as possible because we believe that the more people learn about our sport the more inclined they will be to join the ranks of our membership. We are proud of our sport and we seek to celebrate it whenever possible.


USA Swimming has been ranked as the number one swimming nation in the world for more than 40 years. We seek to continue this tradition of competitive excellence. When our elite athletes are successful in fulfilling their Olympic dreams our society benefits from the inspiration these athletes give us.