An Inclusive, Family-Friendly, Competitive Swim Team in Snohomish County Washington.


AM workouts begin on Monday February 8th.  Swimmers have til Feb. 2nd to send Coach Ben their request for corrections to the chart below or to be added to the chart below.

Practice hours will be 6-8 AM.

Given we have 2 lanes and can have a max of 4 swimmers per lane, it's impossible to accomodate everyone unless we break the AM workout into two separate 1 hour practices.  To be fair to all involved we will be alternating by week who is in the early group and who is in the late group.  If you have to be done by 7 AM to get to school you can request being in the early group every time.  Depending on how this works out it might require me to place a swimmer or two permanently in the later hour.  I will announce the rotation after Feb. 2nd.

Cost: $6/practice.  I know some of you are probably thinkinging why not $3 since we are now getting 50% of what we were previously offered.  The answer to that is I don't have double the number of swimmers and yet I still have the full cost of the lanes and the coaching hours.  SRST is going to lose money we don't have to lose on this offering.

# of practices allowed: Request as much as you want.

Potential issues:  The only issue now would be if we were to hit more than 16 swimmers requesting practice on one day (we have 16 slots per day now).  If this happens, the only thing I could think to do would be to create a rotation list where the swimmers are "out" on a rotation basis that makes it even.  Hopefully I don't have to create this chart.

Ena Lehmann x   x   x  
Annie Woodrum   x x x    
Ethan Ahrendt x x     x  
Jude Pazier   x   x    
Megan Wang   x     x Early only
Jensen Elsemore x x     x  
Darin Hardie x   x x    
Mia Grove x   x   x Early only
Jeff Plum   x x      
Connor Christman   x   x    
Paige Donnor x   x   x  
Grace Andrews x     x x Early only
Tiffany Vuong     x x    
Ellie Lao x       x  
Lily Lao x       x  
Keegan Lisenby x   x   x  
Emily Hoopes   x        
Bella Hoopes   x        
Jared Lehosky     x x   Thurs. early only
Alana Keegan   x   x x  
Kyle Grubb   x   x    
Evan Wold         x  
Kendall Bensen x x   x    
Mary Clarke   x   x    
LuLu Van Winkle     x x    
Katie Irimagawa x          
Andy Irimagawa x         Early only
Kayme Hartway   x     x Early only
Kali Robson x         Early only
Darin Hardie     x x