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Billing Information

Updated: 10/11/2016

  1. Invoices are generated on the first of the month and emailed out about 5 days later.
  2. Auto Pay Option performs a deduction on the 1st of the month.  We cannot force other payments mid-month via credit card or checking withdraw. Please note the draw on the first will pay all outstanding fees and bring the member account current (including meets, apparel, training fees, everything!).  A 2.0% charge applies to electronic charges.  Members are responsible for their own accounts (turning on off autopay according to your needs/bank account/card levels) and this includes checking each month to ensure your card is still working (sometimes cards expire or stop working due to fraud protection and other reasons).

    Where to set-up Autopay in your account:

  3. Meet fees are not automatically invoiced, but put in by Ben after the conclusion of the meet.  SRST charges $15 surcharge per meet on top of entry fees charged by host team.
  4. When reviewing your account the minus sign (-) indicates money that has been credited back to you.  We often apply credits to correct auto charges that do not match the unique flow of roster changes and other special situations.
  5. Late fees are applied on the last day of the month.  All late fees are $15.  Late fees are created automatically by our system.  Members using electronic pay options are responsible for ensuring their card is working.
  6. It is preferred that members pay by check; mail their payment to the club address: P.O. Box 652 Monroe WA 98272.  Members may also give their checks/payments to Coaches, but this increases the chance of a check being lost and prolongs the application of money to your account and ultimately deposit into the Team Checking Account.
  7. Deposits will now be made weekly; typically this will be Friday.
  8. Please notify Coach Ben immediately if you decide to leave the club.
  9. If you discover errors on your account, please do not take it personally (Ben prefers emails without exclamation points and ALL CAPS).  Email Coach Ben and he will happily go through everything with you and make sure errors are corrected; Friendly Ben is here to help.
  10. Since our TeamUnify System is mostly automated, unique programs must be corrected manually each month.  We strongly encourage all members to review their accounts online each month.  If you are using autopay, please review your credit card info to make sure it is actually working; this is the customer responsibility and there is no system to alert members when credit cards fail (which they do because of fraud, expiration, cancelation and other reasons).  If a card does fail, the system will automatically apply a late fee.  If you notice this and it was because of an unexpected card failure, simple notify Coach Ben and a credit will be applied (and you can update your card info).
  11. Swim Meets:  Please make note that it is Team Policy to add $15 surcharge to each individual member for each meet they attend.  This fee helps offset relays fees and other expenses related to swim meets.