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All the documents linked on this page are excellent supporting docs to supplement the following info:

1- To enter a swim meet click "Swim Meet Sign-up Guide" below and then follow steps.

2- Check with your coach (the one who coaches your child) to get guidance on what events are appropriate.  You can find your coaches contact info from the "coaches" button at the very top of this website.

3- About 2-5 days before the swim meet we will email out the timeline and psych sheet (shows rankings) along with the following info embedded in the email:

Hello SRST Families,

This weekend is the Storm Distance Meet at The Lake Stevens HS Pool!

The timeline and psych sheet (at the time of this posting there is no psych sheet....it is up to the host team to post this, but they are not required to) are posted on our website in the usual area....go to Team Info/Swim Meet Info and then select your choice.  This is also the area where you can find extremely valuable info on everything related to swim meets.

Note: For future meets, if you want to get the timeline/psych sheet earlier in the week you can find this info at www.pns.org.  Go to Meet/Results and then click on the name of the meet you are looking for.  Normally this info is posted by Wednesday the week of the meet.


You will notice that when you click on the timeline or psych sheet link it takes you off our site to the PNS Website; this is done on purpose.  If the host team updates info you will always be getting the most current info.  You will notice that on this meet info page there is a PDF file with the general meet info.  You can click this link and get directions to the swim meet/location.


  1. Parents must stay in bleacher area and designated parent areas.  Coaches will be on deck with the swimmers from the beginning of warm-up until the beginning of competition.  At this point swimmers may return to their parents and the swimmer/parent should watch carefully and send their swimmer to their coach approximately 10 min. before each race.  Coaches of course CANNOT GUARANTEE the swimmer makes it to their race and the swimmers must pay attention.  AG2 and above groups should be able to get themselves to the starting blocks on time.  Some coaches may want the swimmer to check in up to 20 min. before each race to ensure enough time for pre-race warm-up activities; check with your direct coach to see what they want to do.
  2.  I recommend you read thru the materials on our Swim Meet page:  CLICK HERE.  This is where you will learn what to bring to a meet (like a fold out camp chair, plenty of towels and snacks/water).

A few particulars for new parents:

  •     When you look at the timeline you will see the start time of "competition".  Warm-up is one hour before this (this is the same for each individual session of the meet).  Be early and do not be late.  There is a flow to the warm-ups and that flow is disrupted when kids arrive late.  Show up in your team shirt/(or other SRST apparel) and double check your bag before you leave the house to make sure you have what you need.  AG2 and above kids need to have a tempo trainer on hand.  Swimmers will NOT need their gear bags (just suit/goggles/team cap/team shirt/sweats/towels/food/water/etc.).
  • For swimmers not in the first session:  You will have your own warm-up and you do not need to come to the early warm-up...just the warm-up for your session.
  • Never leave valuables in the locker room and keep bags zipped up!
  • Parents can buy a heat sheet or look at heat sheet posted on wall to know when kids are swimming.  This should be done ASAP upon arrival.  Parents should bring a sharpie and help the kids write their Event/Heat/Lane on their forearm (see attached photo).  This will greatly reduce the stress and chaos the coach has to deal with when working with 10-20 kids all doing different things.  If you forgot what you signed up for, just log back into your SRST account and review.  Write events on arm BEFORE the beginning of warm-ups.
  • SRST coaches want kids checking in 15 min. before the start of warm-up.
  • SRST coaches want kids in suits and ready to go, standing behind the starting blocks 5 min. prior to the beginning of warm-up.
  • Swim meets can seem a little "crazy"...If heard other descriptions :).  The reality is, swim meets are a lot of fun; and the kids usually love them.  SRST coaches recommend...don't stress!  It does take a long time to learn all the ins/outs of a swim meet.  While you are learning, just go with the flow.  As an example, sometimes a kid will miss a race or get disqualified...these things happen to the best and are all opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Coaches expect swimmers to do the full team warm-up and stay with coaches until dismissed.  There will not be a designated area for SRST parents or kids at the meet, but if you see other red shirts, go sit by those people and introduce yourself and make friends.
  • After warm-up there will be a team meeting and cheer.  This is usually 10 min. before the start of competition.  Swimmers be alert and ready to participate.  
  • After the cheer swimmers may go with parents or sit with other team members.
  • Swimmers should check in with coaches prior to each race and consult with coach immediately after each race.
  • All SRST swimmers are required to do a short warm-down after each race (prescribed by the coach).
  • At the end of the day a swimmer should check-out with their direct coach (or coach assigned to them if their regular coach is not present).
  • Relays: don't pay any attention to relays you see on the heat sheet or SRST website.  Coaches make the relays on the day of competition based on who shows up and what the goals are for the day.  Relays will be announced to kids at the end of warm-up and the kids can add the relay to their arm with Sharpie after the team cheer.
  • Wear the team uniform: Red SRST shirt, black suit of choice  (Speedo brand) and team cap.  If you need to buy team gear you can do that at our Team Store: CLICK HERE.  Get caps and shirts HERE.
  • If you need swim caps or shirts please email Coach Ben at least 24 hours before the meet so he has time to plan to bring what you need.
  • Swimmers/Parents will be responsible for signing into events that require sign-in (you must read meet info...typically the longer events such as 400 IM and 500 FR require sign-in at the meet).  Swimmers must also at times provide their own timers for the 400 IM and timers and counters for the 500 FR; swimmers are responsible for arranging with friends and/or parents to cover this responsibility.  Read meet info for details.
  • If you are new and want even more info/details, click on the "DIRECT LINK" way up at the top of this email and read thru all the materials on our Swim Meet Info page.
  • When will I be invoiced and when do I pay?  You will be invoiced after the meet is over and the charge will be on your Nov. bill.  You do not need to write a separate check or make separate payment for meets.
  • When do we get to leave the pool?  Once your last race is over, check in with your coach and then you get to leave.

    Smile and have fun!

-Coach Ben