An Inclusive, Family-Friendly, Competitive Swim Team in Snohomish County Washington.
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Each of our SRST hosted swim meets require all hands on deck for a minimum of 2 volunteer sessions, per family. This may be satisfied by one person in two separate jobs (different sessions), or two different family members in any sessions.

For volunteer credit to be properly credited in our automated system, if you have arranged for another person to fulfill your volunteer time, you must sign in from your account and with their permission, put their name and cell ph/contact info in the space provided during signup. Last minute substitutions must be arranged with the volunteer coordinator and confirmed at sign in for manual credit correction.

Other TIPS for signups:

  • When signups go "live", you may sign up for desired positions, first come first served.
  • Each volunteer slot represents one person fulfilling one job. 
  • A few positions on the signups, generally indicated with an *, require pre-approval or prearrangement with a coordinator or lead.
  • Many of our coordinators put in extra hours outside the meet to assure that things run as smoothly as possible for everyone.
  • Times listed in signups are estimates, and may need to adjust a little with the meet timeline. Please come prepared with food for your family, arrange your own safe storage for your valuables, and plan to sign-in a few minutes early. 
  • For some positions, having a cell phone for text messages is handy, however while timing behind the blocks, no cell phones or cameras should be in use (per USA Swimming)

Hosting meets keeps our training and pricing competitive and affordable to everyone. We do not make money on meets hosted by other teams, but we do represent the kind of character we hope to see in other teams when we need their help. Thank you for being the team that demonstrates teamwork like no other!  GO STINGRAYS!