TSC offers several different training groups depending upon the swimmer’s age and ability.  The TSC coaches set the training groups and the goals for each training group.  Listed training group goals provide guidelines for evaluation of each swimmer’s abilities and potential for progression to a higher training group. Group training locations and times can be found on the practice calendar.  Training fees are found in the registration package. 
 Progression from group to group is ultimately a coaches decision. 
The Intro to Swim Team class is designed to introduce young swimmers to competitive swimming.  Practices are offered 2 days per week for 45 minutes.  Class objectives are based on the USA Swimming level 1 guidelines. The main emphasis is posture, balance and rhythm.  The sessions will include the introduction to all four strokes; freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke, starts and finishes, diving and breath control.  Each workout will consist of deck time, including stretching and dry land training and pool time with instructional drills and strokes, a main set and cool down.  Minimum age requirement is 6.  Child should know how to swim and have had swim lessons in the past.  

Practices are offered 3 days a week for 60 minutes.  There are no attendance requirements, but athletes will improve more quickly, and make more friends (which will make them want to come more) the more often they attend workouts. Swim meets are not required but encouraged (because they are fun!). Athletes in this group are typically 6-10 years old.  The many skills covered in this group include: all strokes, turns and introductory to learning starts off the blocks.  This group is the starting point to the competitive athlete. 
Swimmers must be able to complete the following in order to join:
  - Swim 25 yards freestyle unassisted without stopping
Goals of the Bronze program:
  • Correctly swim a 100 Individual Medley
  • Correctly perform turns and finishes
  • Perform forward and backstroke starts
  • Kick 8x25 @ :50
  • Respect themselves as athletes  and other swimmers and coaches
  • swim in meets and have fun!
  • Listen to coaches
  • Work toward consistent practice attendance
  • Push off and streamline to flags with butterfly kick

After the Bronze Group, swimmers move to the Silver Group.  This group practices for 90 minutes 3 times a week.

Goals of the Silver Group:

  • Correctly Swim a 200IM
  • Swim 10X50 at 1:30
  • Correctly show 10 meters under water on both crawl and back starts
  • Attend swim meets recommended by the coach
  • Timed 30 minute swim achieves at least 1300 yards 
  • 500 flutter kick with fins under 7 minutes

From the Silver Group, athletes enter Tacoma Swim Club's Gold program.  Practices are offered 6 days a week for 90 minutes.  Attendance at five practices per week is encouraged.  Athletes will improve more quickly and make more friends the more often they attend workouts.
Goals of the Age Group Program:
  • 10x100 @ 1:45 Freestyle
  • 10x100 @ 2:00 IM
  • 6x75 flutter kick @ 1:30
  • Timed 30 minute swim achieves at least 1300 yards 
  • 500 flutter kick with fins under 7 minutes
  • 100 Free 1:20 or less.  
  • Improve starts, turns and finishes
  • Learn concept of distance per stroke
  • demonstrate consistent practice attendance
  • Endurance to stay physically and mentally engaged for the entire practice
  • Learn goal setting
  • Athletes know their attitude affects how they swim and how others around them swim
  • Introduction to dryland training

From the Gold program, athletes move into this group.  Swimmers entering this group are usually 12-14 years old and must complete the goals of the Gold program. The Platinum group serves as a stepping-stone for athletes desiring to be successful in the TSC Senior Program. Practices are offered 6 days a week for 1 hour and 45 minutes.  Attendance at 6 practices per week is recommended.  
Goals of the Platinum program:
  • 10x100 @ 1:30 Freestyle
  • 10x100 @ 1:45 IM
  • 8x100 @ 1:50 Kick
  • 1x50 under :35 Kick with fins
  • PNS Qualifying times in 2 or more events or:
  • Age Group Regional qualifying time
  • Learn goal setting skills
  • Begin learning how to manage effort and intensity through practice
  • Help to bring fellow teammates with you into more challenging groups through encouragement
  • Competing regularly at swim meets.

From the Platinum program, athletes move into the Senior program. The Senior training group provides the committed swimmer the opportunity to train at a level necessary to attain the highest personal success.  Swimmers in this group are usually 14-18 years old, and are freshmen in high school and older.   Senior swimmers must complete at least 4 of the goals of the Pre-Senior program.  Practices are offered 6 days a week for 2-4 hours daily including dryland and weight training.  The Senior Group serves everyone from athletes who wish to be fast at High School State swim meets to those interested in competing at Senior, National, and International level swim meets.  The training this group receives is designed to create success at all levels of competition.  The athletes in this group are hardworking, positive, and set the standard for all groups within the team. The Head Coach has final authority on swimmers moving to The Senior training group.
Goals of the Senior program:
  • 10x100 @ 1:20 Freestyle
  • 5x200 @ 3:00 IM
  • 10x100 @ 1:35 Kick
  • 1x50 under :30 Kick with fins
  • Swim 100 Freestyle under 1:00 (girls), under :55 (boys)
  • To consistently improve commitment level to training and racing
  • Continue improvement in distance per stroke
  • Learn leadership skills
  • Attend 90% of practices
  • Understand athlete's attitude affects goals of the team
  • Training attitude productive and supportive
  • Compete at all meets prescribed by coach
  • Display ability to train properly for athlete's goals
  • Prepare athletes for competition at National, Sectional, and State level meets and for progression into the Senior I group
  • Must maintain WIAA academic eligibility standards
    • If athlete drops below WIAA academic eligibility standard they will be suspended 1 month or until grades meet standard


This group swims 1.5 hours three days per week maximum. During the High School Swim Season, High School swimmers may practice with their appropriate Group three days per week to supplement their school training.


Masters is open to anyone over 18 years of age and is registered with US Masters. A qualified and certified coach will be on deck with a practice to provide to each athlete. Each coach is skilled in technique and current training practices.  Masters swim no more than three days per week.