2022-2023 Swim Team Registration information can be found here. 


VAST offers its swimmers many unique opportunities.  Because of its intimate size, the coaching staff is able to design an individualized program for each of its swimmers and give lots of feedback, allowing your child the opportunity to “climb the ladder of success” at their own speed.

VAST caters to ALL athletes.  It offers programs for beginners to those that have dreams of Olympic Gold. VAST wants all swimmers, regardless of their level of commitment and ability, to feel good about what they do as a member of our club.

VAST also recognizes that our athletes have interests outside of swimming and will work with you to find a balance between them.

Club swimming helps teach dedication, teamwork, commitment, and hard work.  The quality coaching staff at VAST is committed to these values.  They are eager to work with your child in helping to develop these skills and our coaching staff is well trained in the latest swimming techniques.

If you are looking for a year round swim team that believes in the needs of individuals, then look no further than VAST!!!!

Want to try-out???  Then stop by any one of our training facilities for a couple of practices without financial obligation. We practice in Federal Way, Sumner, and Tacoma.

Group/Fee Information

Group assignments are done three times per year following the championship meets in December, March, and August. Athletes are placed in to groups based on effort/attitude at practice and meets, technique, attendance, and age. Group assignments are discussed and decided by the coaching staff. If you have questions, please ask the coach.

You can join at anytime during the season and you can pause your membership at anytime if your swimmer wants to take a break from swimming for awhile.

This year we are offering 2 different payment options:

  • Annual: Pay for the full year by August 5th and get one month free.  Families will also get a $100 meet credit on their bill on October 1st to offset meet fees.
  • Monthly: Monthly dues are charged at the 1st of the month and are due by the 15th(auto payment runs on the 1st). Dues are billed September- July.

Please note that your registration is considered active and you will owe for the month of dues unless you notify us by the 15th of the preceding month you which to be inactive. More info here.

We also have a volunteer policy, which can be found here.

All Group Fees:

USA Swimming Registration:  $80 per swimmer per year

Team Annual Registration fee: $175 for the first swimmer, $100 for each additional (max of 3), includes team T-shirt and swim cap

Registration fees are for the swim season (September-July), not the calendar year.


Groups for 14 years and under:


Blue group (12 and under):

The Blue Group is designed to be an introduction to swim team. This group meets twice per week for 45 minutes. For entry into this group swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards of backstroke and freestyle without stopping. Emphasis in this group is on learning the 4 competitive strokes, learning how to swim with other people in the lane, and getting comfortable with the language and routine of a swim practice. Meet participation is optional, but encouraged.

Monthly: $85 per month

Volunteer commitment


Bronze group (7-14):

The Bronze Group is designed for those swimmers that can do all four strokes legally and have a strong kick. In this group they are introduced to swimming sets and reading the pace clock. The major emphasis in this group is stroke technique. This group practices three times a week for one hour. Meet participation is strongly encouraged.

Monthly: $125 per month

Annual due by August 5th: $1200, includes $100 meet credit

Volunteer committment


Silver group (9-14):

The Silver Group is designed for swimmers that are ready to compete on a regular basis. Stroke technique is still the main focus, but aerobic development is also introduced in this group. Basic dryland training is introduced to improve flexibility, balance, and strength. Meet participation in this group is very important because they will begin to learn different race strategies and the coach can see the athletes in performance situations. Practice is offered 5 days per week for 1.5 hours. Swimmers should aim to attend practice at least 3 days per week to see consistent progress.

Monthly: $155 per month

Annual due by August 5th: $1550, includes $100 meet credit

Volunteer committment



Silver elite group (11-14):

The Silver Elite Group is for swimmers that have strong stroke technique in all four strokes and demonstrate an ability and willingness to do higher level conditioning sets. Stroke development, conditioning, strength building, and goal setting are all focuses during practice and throughout the season. Meet participation is very important and strongly encouraged. The athlete should be willing to race in a wide variety of events at swim meets. Practices are offered 6 days per week for 1.5-2 hours. Practice attendance is extremely important at this level and they should aim to go at least 4 days per week. Illness, vacation, other sports, etc. are all things that can be discussed with the coach.

Monthly: $185 per month

Annual due by August 5th: $1850, includes $100 meet credit

Volunteer committment


Groups for older athletes:


Gold (13 and older swimmers):

This first level of senior swimming is designed for the high school athlete who would like to stay in shape and/or improve for the high school season or summer league.  This group focuses on technique, endurance training as well as goal setting. Swimmers are encouraged to attend a minimum of 3-5 days per week of practice. Saturday mornings are also highly encouraged. Practices are at KCAC or Sumner

Monthly: $185 per month

Annual due by August 5th: $1850, includes $100 meet credit

Volunteer committment


Gold Elite (13 & older swimmers):

The Gold Elite group is designed for those swimmers that are training to compete at the sectional level, either age group or senior, or training to qualify for National level competitions. Workouts are designed to help each of the athletes achieve the success that they are looking for. Stroke technique is refined at this level with a major emphasis on strength and conditioning.

Practices for this group will be between 5 and 8 times a week depending on the season and the availability of pools. The commitment level for this group is very high. Participation in all scheduled practices is highly recommended. This group swims primarily at KCAC. 

Monthly: $255 per month

Annual due by August 5th: $2550, includes $100 meet credit

Volunteer committment


For questions about fees/billing contact Suzanne Rychlik       [email protected]

For questions about practices/meets contact Derek Frenzel    [email protected]