Sockeye Spring Open Meet Information

Derek Frenzel
May 14, 2019

Below is the meet information, timeline, and psych sheet for the Sockeye Spring Open Meet this weekend at KCAC. 


Session 1 (Friday 400 free, 400 IM, 1500 free): 3 PM warm ups, meet starts at 4 PM.

Session 2 (Saturday 12&Under): 7:30 AM warm ups, meet starts at 8:30 AM.

Session 3 (Saturday 13&Over): 12:30 PM warm ups, meet starts at 1:30 PM.

Session 4 (Sunday 12&Under):  7:30 AM warm ups, meet starts at 8:30 AM.

Session 5 (Sunday 13&Over): 12:30 PM warm ups, meet starts at 1:30 PM.

Please keep in mind with positive check-in the timeline could be faster and the afternoon sessions could start a little earlier.

Positive Check-In:

The 50's are already seeded and do not require check-in. All other events require check-in and the deadline for those events are listed below. Make sure to show up on time to get checked in for events.

Friday: 400 free: 3:00, 400 IM: 3:30, 1500 free: 4:00

Saturday AM: All 100's and 200's: 7:40 am

Saturday PM: All 100's and 200's: 10 mins after start of warm ups

Sunday AM: All 100's and 200's: 7:40 am

Sunday PM: All 100's and 200's: 10 mins after start of warm ups

Coaches can help with check-in, but it is the responsibility of the swimmer to make sure they check-in by the deadlines.

What to bring: Make sure to bring a suit, goggles, and swim cap as well as extra towels, food, water, and something warm (sweatshirt, parka, etc.).

Warm ups: Upon arrival, check in with a coach so they know you are there and can help you find the warm up lane.

Do we need to stay after events are done?: Once you have finished your last race you do not have to stay, but check in with the coach to make sure you are completely done.

How do I know when my swimmer is racing?: Heat sheets will be available for $5. Often times, parents write events, heats, and lanes on the swimmers arm so they have that info with them.

Meet Info


Psych Sheet

50's Heat Sheet


Please contact Derek Frenzel if you have any questions. (208) 310-3317