Becoming an official! We need you!!!

Its Fall and another swim season is in full swing. As a parent your likely getting acclimated to the refreshing chlorinated air and the sore bleacher behind watching our kid at practice.

Around this time of the season a few years ago a VAST parent who is an official approached me and asked if i was interested in becoming a swimming official. To be honest it had never crossed my mind. My wife and I volunteered often being a timer and helping out VAST when hosting meets. Immediately i thought to myself that i was too busy but quickly realized that i am already at the pool sitting in the stands anyway. (plus i HATE sitting on those metal bleacher seats)

I was hesitant but soon realized what a great choice i had made. I have built some great friendships with fellow officials that are part of the most professional and fun volunteer organization i have ever been apart of.

  • Its a great way to help represent VAST, the best team in PNS in my opinion.
  • You get good food in hospitality and you cant beat the price.
  • While we do look very professional down there, we have lots of fun.
  • Your close to the action, not up in the stands (did i mention i HATE those bleacher seats)

What does it take to become an official or learn more about it
While there are a number of steps to take, The first step to becoming a USA swimming official is very very easy. PNS often hosts two hour stroke & turn clinics. These clinics require no commitment and is nothing more than a informational session describing what to expect. No pop quiz and no signing your life away. Just a $10 fee to cover materials.

If you have an interest to learn more or just have a simple question you can either contact Suzanne or myself. The clinic schedule can be found here:

Brad Tucker
[email protected]
Cell - 206-661-6475