Registration for the 2021-22 Swim Season is now open

Suzanne Rychlik

Dear Returning VAST member,


Wow! What a year we survived.  I cannot thank you all enough for your continued support throughout this last year.  We feel so lucky to work with such amazing swimmers and families.  

We hope to see you again during the 2021-22 Swim Season.  We are so excited to the return of regular meets, championships, team activities, etc.  The registration fee and USA swimming dues are due at the time of registration (must pay by credit card). To go directly to the registration center, click here.  All returning swimmers need to complete the registration process.

In the fall we will be offering practices at KCAC, Federal Way Community Center, Sumner,.  We still have not received word about our return to the University of the Puget Sound in Tacoma but are hopeful it will start shortly.  


This year, the team registration fee is $150 which includes a t shirt and swim cap). The multiple swimmer discount drops to $75 per swimmer after the first swimmer.


If you register by August 5th, there is a discount of $40 per family. At registration, you will also pay for the USA swimming registration which covers insurance.

Payment Options :

  • USA swimming Registration: $80 per year
  • Team Registration Fees: $150 for the first swimmer, $75 for each additional swimmer (max of 3)


This year we are offering 2 different payment options:

  • Annual: Pay for the full year by August 5th and get one month free.  Families will also get a $100 meet credit on their bill on October 1st to offset meet fees.
  • Monthly: Monthly dues are charged at the 1st of the month and are due by the 15th(auto payment runs on the 1st).    Dues are billed September- July.

Fees for the 2021-22 swim year are with the group descriptions below and remain the same as this last year. Please note that your registration is considered active and you will owe for the month of dues unless you notify us in writing by the 15 th of the preceding month you which to be inactive.

 VOLUNTEER Policy: Hours can be earned through helping at VAST hosted meets, other volunteer requests as described, or through swim a thon donations. The policy encourages all families to take part in our VAST host meets (but also recognizes that families are busy and offers a reasonable opt out fee.) The policy also encourages families that have the time to give more with some financial incentives. The specifics of the policy are at the end of this email and can also be found as an agreement through the registration platform.


We will begin practice on Wednesday, September 8th. We are working on finalizing the schedule and will have posted by mid to late August at the latest. KCAC, Sumner and FW Community Center will be ready to go on time.  We are waiting to hear the status of practices returning to the University of Puget Sound pool.

Should you have questions, please let us know. We are excited to have you as part of our program and want to make this a great experience for all involved.

Thanks again,

Suzanne and Ted Rychlik




Group/Fee Information

Group assignments are done three times per year following the championship meets in December, March, and August. Athletes are placed in to groups based on meet results, practice attendance, effort/attitude at practice and meets, and age. Group assignments are discussed and decided by the coaching staff. If you have questions, please ask your swimmers coach.

All Group Fees:

USA Swimming Registration: $80 per swimmer per year

Team Annual Registration fee: $150 for the first swimmer, $75 for each additional, includes team T-shirt and swim cap



Blue group (12 and under):

The Blue Group is designed to be an introduction to swim team. This group meets twice per week for 45 minutes. For entry into this group,  swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards of backstroke and freestyle. Emphasis in this group is on learning the 4 competitive strokes, learning how to swim with other people in the lane, and getting comfortable with the language and routine of a swim practice. Meet participation is optional, but encouraged.

Monthly: $85 per month, no volunteer commitment.




Bronze group (7-14):

The Bronze Group is designed for those swimmers that can do all four strokes legally and have a strong kick. In this group they are introduced to swimming sets and reading the pace clock. The major emphasis in this group is stroke technique. This group practices three times a week for one hour. Meet participation is strongly encouraged.

Monthly: $125 per month

Annual due by August 1st : $1250 per year, includes a $100 meet credit

Volunteer Commitment: Highest swimmer in bronze: 12 hours



Silver group (9-14):

The Silver Group is designed for swimmers that are ready to compete on a regular basis. Stroke technique is still the main focus, but aerobic development is also introduced in this group. Basic dryland training is introduced to improve flexibility, balance, and strength. Meet participation in this group is very important because they will begin to learn different race strategies and the coach can see the athletes in performance situations. Practice is offered 5 days per week for 1.5 hours. Swimmers should aim to attend practice at least 3 days per week.

Monthly: $155 per month

Annual due by August 1st : $1550 per year, includes a $100 meet credit

Volunteer Commitment: Highest swimmer in silver: 16 hours per year



Silver Elite group (11-14):

The Silver Elite Group is for swimmers that are ready to compete at championship level meets. In order to be in this group the athlete must have good stroke technique in all four strokes and demonstrate an ability to do higher level conditioning sets. Stroke development, conditioning, strength building, and goal setting are all focuses during practice and throughout the season. Meet participation is very important and strongly encouraged. The athlete should be willing to race in a wide variety of events at swim meets. Practices are offered 6 days per week for 1.5-2 hours. Practice attendance is extremely important at this level and they are required to go at least 4 days per week to be in the group.

Illness, vacation, other sports, etc. are all things that can be discussed with the coach. This group will alternate practices between KCAC and Sumner.


Monthly: $185 per month

Annual due by August 1st : $1850 per year, includes a $100 meet credit

Volunteer Commitment: Highest swimmer in Silver Elite: 27 hours per year




Groups for older athletes :



Gold (13 and older swimmers): This first level of senior swimming is designed for the high school athlete who would like to stay in shape and/or improve for the high school season or summer league. This group focuses on technique, endurance training as well as goal setting. Swimmers are encouraged to attend a minimum of 3-5 days per week of practice. Saturday mornings are also highly encouraged. Practices are at KCAC or Sumner

Monthly: $185 per month

Annual due by August 1st : $1850 per year, includes a $100 meet credit

Volunteer Commitment: Highest swimmer in Gold: 24 hours per year





Gold Elite (13 & older swimmers): The Gold group is designed for those swimmers that are training to compete at the sectional level, either age group or senior, or training to qualify for National level competitions. Workouts are designed to help each of the athletes achieve the success that they are looking for. Stroke technique is refined at this level with a major emphasis on strength and conditioning.

Practices for this group will be between 5 and 8 times a week depending on the season and the availability of pools. The commitment level for this group is very high. Participation in al scheduled practices is highly recommended. This group swims primarily at KCAC.

Monthly: $255 per month

Annual due by August 1st : $2550 per year, includes a $100 meet credit

Volunteer Commitment: Highest swimmer in Gold Elite: 32 hours per year






Valley Aquatics Volunteer Policy for 2021-22

Volunteerism is a vital part of a successful swim team. While dues help cover the cost of coaching, pool rental fees, and other expenses, swim meet hosting serves as a vital part of our

income. Historically, we have been able to fill our volunteer needs by families actively filling the openings. However, in recent years, we have had to go to outside organizations to ‘hire' volunteers to fill the mandatory spots. Other teams have dealt with this by having a required volunteer hour requirement and hours not covered are charged up to $40 per hour. We at VAST recognize that our families have varying levels of commitment to the team and other organizations you are involved with so there are many options for you to fulfil your hours. You can also opt out of volunteering by paying an additional monthly fee.

Option A: Work at swim meets/other advertised hour requirements (in pre-assigned slots or at the discretion of volunteer coordinator):


Highest swimmer in Bronze: 12 Hours Highest swimmer in Silver: 16 hours Highest swimmer in Gold: 24 Hours Highest swimmer in Silver Elite: 27 Hours Highest swimmer in Gold Elite: 32 hours

Option B: Fulfill hours through work at swim meets and/or raising money in the swim a thon.


Through this option, you may earn hours off your requirement by raising above the team individual goal of $150. For every $25 raised beyond $150, you will earn ONE hour off your Volunteer requirement.

For example, if you raise $250, you will have met four hours of your volunteer requirement.

Option C: Opt out of fundraising completely and pay $40 per month(per family). This fee will be paid in addition to your monthly dues and you are responsible for regardless of whether or not you are specifically billed.   Should you choose this option, please e-mail the volunteer coordinator when you join to ensure she knows that you chose this option and will not send you specific emails about your lack of hours.



Additional Information:

If you do not work your hours by the end of July 2022 or your withdraw from the team anytime prior, you will be charged the following:

  1. You have not worked any hours: you will be charged $30 for every month you were a member of the team prior to withdrawing. This fee will be charged to you in full when you suspend and/or withdrawal your membership.


  1. If you worked some hours but not all required, you will be billed for the remaining hours at $22 per hour.

(For these options we will charge whichever option is less)



After your family volunteer obligations are met, you can earn a $8 credit per hour worked at VAST hosted meets up to $160 per year. This non-refundable credit will be applied to your account at the end of the swim year.



**During Championship meets/long course meets/prelim-final meets, we are often assigned lanes to help the host team (just as we do during our meets), the Volunteer coordinator will reach out to team members to see if they would like to fulfill their volunteer requirement by covering the entire session of the meet. If no one utilizes this option two days before the scheduled timing slot, then the volunteer coordinator will divide the slots among the team members swimming during that session. These hours will NOT count towards your family obligation.