VAST news week of July 19, 2021

Suzanne Rychlik

Valley Aquatics News

July 19, 2021


Practice Changes for this week:.

No practice at Sumner this Friday due to coaches out of town. 

Saturday practice this week for Gold Elite, Gold, Silver Elite, & Silver is from 9:30-11:30 at Kent.


Last Day of the season: We will swim through the last week of July and then take August off (no dues in August). The last day of practice at all KCAC is Thursday, July 29th and Sumner is Friday, July 30th.


Registration for next season: It is now time to register for the 2021-22 swim season.  There is a registration discount if you register by August 5th.  Registering by that date will be help us to know to get pool space divided. 

More information about registering can be found here:


To begin Registration, go here:


 Senior Week: We will be celebrating our seniors who opted in for participation on social media beginning this week.   They have done some amazing things so please make sure to check them out! This week they will pick the warm-up on their day and we we will be celebrating in other ways throughout the week. 



Congrats to the amazing swimmers (Brendan M, Aidan D, Abby Y, Takara P, Alex R, Payton W, Marin W) who swam at Senior Sectionals in Austin, Texas this last week.   We are impressed with your performances and how hard your worked.  There were many top times and new team records.   (More info will be out next week…Coach Ted is on the plane home at this very moment)


Upcoming Meets:


Divisionals: Timeline for the meet should be out shortly.   They may be combining some sessions together so please make sure to pay attention to the timeline. Parents will be needed to time so please pay attention to sign ups.    Swimmers will be stationed outside so you will want to bring chairs, etc.  More information will be out shortly. 

14& under champs: Entries have been submitted and more information will likely be out towards the end of the week.   Parents, we will need help with timing so please be ready to signup.


 TEAM GEAR:  We are NOW a TYR team.   Check out the team store to place an order for gear.  Swimmers that will be attending practices at an outdoor pool may want to order a parka for the upcoming colder months. is our team dealer.


QUESTIONS ON PRACTICE/ GROUPS/MEETS, ETC: Questions regarding the “wet” side of VAST should be directed to your childs coach, or the Head Age Group Coach, Derek Frenzel.  He can be reached at [email protected] or by text at 208-310-3317.

VOLUNTEERING: As a member of VAST, there are volunteer requirements.  You can find more information here.  For questions, contact Charis Tucker, Volunteer coordinator @ [email protected]

QUESTIONS ON BILLING: should you have any question about the “dry” side of the sport (billing,etc), please contact Suzanne at [email protected] or by text at 253-241-4827

MEMBERSHIP SUSPENSION: If during the year, you are taking time off/canceling your membership, please fill out the following survey link to put your membership on hold/cancel. This should be completed by the 20th of the month before.