VAST News Monday, November 29th, 2021

Suzanne Rychlik

Valley Aquatics News

November 29, 2021


Practice Changes for this week:.

No practice on Friday at WKCAC for the next three weeks due the Championships.

NO practice at Sumner on Saturday due to the swim meets.  There will be a practice at Kent for Gold Elite, Gold, Silver Elite not swimming at either meet from 8-10 AM>



CAPS: Like with so many things these days, there is a delay in the supply chain.  Our order is next to be printed so should be any day!   Thank you so much for your patience.  If I get confirmation, they will appear on your December bill.


Spectators at Meet: I had a parent reach out about the inconsistencies of spectators at meets and want to provide everyone with the same response.  The ability to have spectators or not is up to the venue and/or meet host that is running the meet and the policies and procedures they have in place.   I do not have any control over whether spectators are allowed or not unless we specifically are hosting the meet. While I understand the frustrations that exist with this inconsistencies it is not my decision.   The one thing I have learned in the past two years is to have flexibility and gratitude.  I am thankful that our kids get an opportunity to race other swimmers and continue to practice their skills and grateful for the many families that have supported our team and their swimmers.   I am hopeful that we will soon return to meets where spectators are not limited in all venues… we are just not there… yet!


Upcoming Meets:

Championships meets are here!


MAB Splash and DASH:  There has been some changes that Derek will be communicating later today. The biggest change is that the meet has moved from Mt. Tahoma to Foss High School Pool.


WASHINGTON OPEN: We have two larger meets that we host as fundraisers this year.  The first one is January 13th-16th at WKCAC. We will need ALL families to step up in some capacity. Look for more information next week on your opportunity to volunteer!

Swimmers that qualify should submit their entries.


January Intrasquad Meet: We will tentatively be running an intrasquad meet January 22nd/23rd (awaiting confirmation that the Sumner Pool is available).


Become an Official!  We need you!: Would you like to fulfill your volunteer hours by becoming an official?  The process is easy and all trainings currently are through zoom.   There are two stroke and turn clinics available this week. 

More information can be found here:

For questions about the process, reach out to Brad Tucker: [email protected]


MASKS ARE REQUIRED: As a reminder, masks are required for everyone inside the building.  At Sumner and KCAC, swimmers will wear their masks all the way until they get into the pool.   Please make sure you have reviewed the full protocols here.




 TEAM GEAR:  We are NOW a TYR team.   Check out the team store to place an order for gear.  Swimmers that will be attending practices at an outdoor pool may want to order a parka for the upcoming colder months. is our team dealer.


QUESTIONS ON PRACTICE/ GROUPS/MEETS, ETC: Questions regarding the “wet” side of VAST should be directed to your childs coach, or the Head Age Group Coach, Derek Frenzel.  He can be reached at [email protected] or by text at 208-310-3317.

VOLUNTEERING: As a member of VAST, there are volunteer requirements.  You can find more information here.  For questions, contact Charis Tucker, Volunteer coordinator @ [email protected]

QUESTIONS ON BILLING: should you have any question about the “dry” side of the sport (billing,etc), please contact Suzanne at [email protected] or by text at 253-241-4827

MEMBERSHIP SUSPENSION: If during the year, you are taking time off/canceling your membership, please fill out the following survey link to put your membership on hold/cancel. This should be completed by the 20th of the month before.