Valley Aquatics Volunteer Policy for 2021-2022

Volunteerism is a vital part of a successful swim team. While dues help cover the cost of coaching, pool rental fees, and other expenses, swim meet hosting serves as a vital part of our income. Historically, we have been able to fill our volunteer needs by families actively filling the openings. However, in recent years, we have had to go to outside organizations to ‘hire' volunteers to fill the mandatory spots. Other teams have dealt with this by having a required volunteer hour requirement and hours not covered are charged up to $40 per hour. We at VAST recognize that our families have varying levels of commitment to the team and other organizations you are involved with so there are many options for you to fulfil your hours. You can also opt out of volunteering by paying an additional monthly fee.

Option A: Work at swim meets/other advertised hour requirements (in pre-assigned slots or at the discretion of volunteer coordinator):

Highest swimmer in Bronze: 12 Hours
Highest swimmer in Silver: 16 hours
Highest swimmer in Gold: 24 Hours
Highest swimmer in Silver Elite: 27 Hours
Highest swimmer in Gold Elite: 32 hours

Option B: Fulfill hours through work at swim meets and/or raising money in the swim a thon. Through this option, you may earn hours off your requirement by raising above the team individual goal of $150. For every $25 raised beyond $150, you will earn ONE hour off your Volunteer requirement.
For example, if you raise $250, you will have met four hours of your volunteer requirement.


Option C: Opt out of fundraising completely and pay $40 per month(per family). This fee will be paid in addition to your monthly dues and you are responsible for regardless of whether or not you are specifically billed. Should you choose this option, please e-mail the volunteer coordinator when you join to ensure she knows that you chose this option and will not send you specific emails about your lack of hours.

Additional Information:
If you do not work your hours by the end of July 2019 or your withdraw from the team anytime prior, you will be charged the following:
1) You have not worked any hours: you will be charged $30 for every month you were a member of the team prior to withdrawing. This fee will be charged to you in full when you suspend and/or withdrawal your membership.

2) If you worked some hours but not all required, you will be billed for the remaining hours at $22 per hour.
(For these options we will charge whichever option is less)

After your family volunteer obligations are met, you can earn a $8 credit per hour worked at VAST hosted meets up to $160 per year. This non-refundable credit will be applied to your account at the end of the swim year.

**During Championship meets/long course meets/prelim-final meets, we are often assigned lanes to help the host team (just as we do during our meets), the Volunteer coordinator will reach out to team members to see if they would like to fulfill their volunteer requirement by covering the entire session of the meet. If no one utilizes this option two days before the scheduled timing slot, then the volunteer coordinator will divide the slots among the team members swimming during that session. These hours will NOT count towards your family obligation.