Here are some useful resources for swimmers and families during our time away from the pool. Coaches will keep adding to this, but make sure to also read the newsletters sent out and follow us on instagram and faceboofor other ideas.

Team TYR: All in this together

VAST Dryland

Gold Elite: Week of 3/16   Week of 3/23  Week of 3/30

Gold: Week of 3/16    Week of 3/23     

Silver Elite: 3/16-3/22     3/23-3/29   3/30-4/5   4/6-4/12    4/13-4/19    4/20-4/26 (Pick 5)   4/27-5/3   5/4-5/10  5/11-5/17  5/18-5/24  5/25-5/31 6/1-6/7 (Pick 3)  6/8-6/14  

Silver: 3/16-3/22     3/23-3/29     3/30-4/5   4/6-4/12     4/13-4/19    4/20-4/26 (Pick 4)   4/27-5/3   5/4-5/10  5/11-5/17  5/18-5/24  5/25-5/31  6/1-6/7 (Pick 3)  6/8-6/14 

Bronze: 3/16-3/22    3/23-3/29    3/30-4/5   4/6-4/12     4/13-4/19    4/20-4/26 (Pick 3)  4/27-5/3   5/4-5/10 (Pick 3)   5/11-5/17  5/18-5/24   5/25-5/31  6/1-6/7 (Pick 3)  6/8-6/14 

Blue: 3/16-3/22    3/23-3/29    3/30-4/5    4/6-4/12    4/13-4/19    4/20-4/26 (Pick 3)  4/27-5/3   5/4-5/10 (Pick 3)  5/11-5/17  5/18-5/24 5/25-5/31  6/1-6/7 (Pick 3)  6/8-6/14 


Other Workouts

SwimOutlet Instagram Live Workouts (free)

Yoga for Swimmers (free)

SwimSwam Daily Dryland (free)

Spartan Workouts (Workout #1) (Workout #2) (Workout #3(all free)

Spartan Family Workouts (free)

Lululemon Home Workouts (free)


Webinars (free)

Lily King - "Queen of Confidence"

Elizabeth Beisel - "Silver Linings"

Madisyn Cox - "Managing Performance Anxiety"

Kristy Kowal - "Supporting Your Athlete Through Tough Times"

More Upcoming Webinars from CG Sports - Josh Davis, Katie Hoff, Kristy Kowal and others

Webinars from "Fitter and Faster Swim Clinics"



Ground Rules about Sports Nutrition

Healthy Foods that Support Immune System

Top Nutrition Tips from the Pros

Nutrition Plan for Swim Meets

Nutrition Manifesto for Young Swimmers







Dolphin Kick (video)

Starts for Free, Breast, and Fly

Backstroke Starts

Breaststroke and Butterfly Turns

Freestyle Turns 

Backstroke Turns 


Mental Training

Taking Advantage of Adversity and Disappointment 

Importance of Sleep

Using Failure to Succeed

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Improving Your Mindset

Boosting Confidence

Practicing Effectively


Favorite Swim Races

Women's 200 Fly at the 2000 Olympics

Women's 200 Free at the 1984 Olympics

Men's 400 Free Relay at the 2008 Olympics

Women's 200 Backstroke at the 2016 Olympics

Men's 200 Free at the 2007 World Championships

Women's 100 Free at the 2016 Olympics

Men's 100 Fly at the 2008 Olympics

Women's 100 Breaststroke 2019 World Championships

Men's 200 IM at the 2011 World Championships

Women's 200 Free at the 2016 Olympics

Men's 800 Free Relay at the 2004 Olympics

Women's 400 Medley Relay at the 2019 World Championships


Family Activities

International Swimming Hall of Fame Virtual Tour

San Diego Zoo Live Cams

National Parks

Watch past Olympics on TV

USA Swimming Deck Pass



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