Swimmers For Change - June 15-26, 2020

CG Sports Management, who brings in the olympians to our olympian clinics put together,  Swimmers for Change along with over 30 US Olympic, Paralympic and National Team swimmers. Their mission is to educate the swimming community on what Black Lives Matter means and to raise money for charities that support black communities. From June 15 - June 26, Swimmers for Change will provide 2 weeks of free exclusive live content from over 30 Olympic, Paralympic and National Team swimmers each day from 11am - 12pm PDT.  You can sign up for the webinars here.

Let's Talk - An Athlete Discussion on Race, Social Justice, and Aquatics

Come connect with other athletes and share your feelings about racism in society and in aquatics. Speak your mind, ask your questions, and collaborate on next steps. We will explore how systemic racism creates unequal opportunities and outcomes in education, housing, healthcare, workplace, media, the criminal justice system, and AQUATICS. Most conversations will be in small groups. No matter how nervous you are to speak or uncertain your thoughts, this is the space for you.

All are invited!
All points of view are welcome!
All athletes are celebrated!
Come share your voice!

Rules: We ask all participants are 15 years or older and participate in at least one of the following aquatics sports: artistic swimming, competitive swimming, diving, rowing, triathlon, and water polo. All minors must have parent approval.

A Code of Conduct will be established by participants. You do not need a camera to participate.

All proceeds go to teaching diverse populations creating more resources and access to water safety and aquatic activities.