MASTER SWIMMING is on hiatus.

Welcome to WEST Masters where adult swimmers of all levels participate. Practices are coached by our highly skilled Club Team coaches and workouts typically range from 2000-4000 yards in 90 minutes. We believe in proper technique and maximizing time in the water. Some of our Master Swimmers compete and some just do it for social fitness, but either way we all have a lot of fun.

Registration with US Masters Swimming is not required unless you compete in sanctioned meets. Individuals register for meets on their own and can attach to the WEST Masters Group. If you have specific training goals for events, please talk with one of our coaches and we will be happy to help you prepare.

In order to participate you must have an active WEST account membership. All returning swimmers can email [email protected] to reactivate their account. All new members must complete WEST account setup at below link and select either membership or punch card.

Practice Times  - Friday: 8:00pm - 9:00pm

Training Fee Options

Monthly Membership Types/Rates:

Single: one adult 18-59 years of age - $40/month
Senior Single: one adult 60 years of age or over - $35/month
Senior Couple: one couple, at least one of which is 60 years or over - $52.50/month
Household Memberships: every dependent living at the same residence, up to 6 members - $80/month

New Member Account Registration (Click Here)

Masters Swim will be available on a very limited basis and will be limited to one swimmer per lane unless they are from the same household. No more than 2 lap swimmers allowed per lane and lane space is available by reservation ONLY and on a first-come, first-served basis. Swimmers must arrive and leave in their bathing suits. No equipment will be provided by the facility. No spectators allowed. 



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