Snowpocalypse Coming!

Nick Chevalier
Feb 7, 2019

With Snohomish County already declaring a State of Emergency, we need to have a plan for the upcoming days. We will be running an early morning practice for Senior & Senior Elite and modifying tomorrow’s afternoon practice to get ready for this weekend’s meet. We may end up running an earlier practice tomorrow to get ahead of the storm and will announce that as early as possible. If we do end up making changes to tomorrow evening’s schedule, we will announce it around 1pm.

Make sure you are staying current with all last minute changes and team announcements by subscribing to our Text Message Alert System by following this link on your smartphone:

Tentative Friday Schedule: (changes to be announced by 1pm on Friday)

Senior & Senior Elite: 5-6:30am & 3:15-6:30pm

Challenge & Accelerate: 6-7:30pm

Explore & Discover: Cancelled due to meet

Pre-Comp: Normal

Masters: Normal

Water Aerobics: Normal (be careful walking in the parking lot – it is icy)

Tentative Saturday Schedule: (changes to be announced by 6pm on Friday)

Senior & Senior Elite: 7-10am & 2-4:30pm

Challenge & Accelerate: Cancelled due to meet

Explore & Discover: Cancelled due to meet

Pre-Comp: Normal

Lessons: Normal

Oak Harbor Swim Meet (decision to be announced by 3pm on Friday)

If the meet happens, we are planning to attend. By 3pm tomorrow, the meet host will make a decision and post it to the Meet Info Page on the PNS Website (click here). Each family must evaluate and make an individual decision whether it is safe enough to travel. We will not penalize anyone for not attending, however Meet Entry Fees are non-refundable.

Stay warm, stay safe and stay current. 

Coach Nick