Snowpocalypse Schedule for Today

Nick Chevalier
Feb 8, 2019

With snow flurries starting to come and go, we are thinking hard about this evening’s programs. All schools seem to have an early release today with Jackson’s at 1pm being the latest. The High School team is not practicing, so we plan to bump up practice time for Senior and Senior Elite to get ahead of the major snow. 

Senior & Sr Elite: 2-5pm

Challenge & Accelerate: 4:30-6:30pm

Pre-Comp: Normal

We will continue to watch the weather and reevaluate at 1pm whether to still hold evening practices. If the weather gets bad during the Senior groups practice, we will modify to end early and cancel the other groups. 

We will make a decision and send out notice regarding the plan for Saturday AM programs by 6pm tonight. 

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